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sadoldgirl's Journal
sadoldgirl's Journal
January 26, 2016

So all of a sudden HRC wants diplomatic efforts first?

Right, we have seen the IW vote, for which she
apologized in a way,

but what about Libya,no it was not mentioned,

what about the no-fly zone,which she proposed,
even while the Russian planes were in place?

What about her thoughts about the Ukraine?
Not mentioned.

All of a sudden "coalition, coalition, etc

When does the weaseling stop?

January 10, 2016

This is a kind of warning,

it has nothing to do with any dem candidate, but with
the other side.

You may ridicule and laugh about Trump and Cruz, but in
that case you may be totally wrong.

The country is angry and has different but still fears. That is
exactly the time for many to look for a "Strong Leader". We
see more religious extremes, more racial and ethnical resentment
as well as people trying to take the laws into their own hands.

This is really the opportunity for a fascist type of person to
take advantage of that attitude, and I think we see it in at least
those two candidates.

The reason for serious concern does not lie in their popularity
alone, but in their tremendous support of media exposure. We
cannot allow ourselves to say: Not in this country, or, our voters
are too smart for that. That may mean putting our heads into
the sand.

Remember that B. Clinton won the election with far less than
51%. Thus a win is possible with only 38-9% of the votes, and
the others gaining less.

So, perhaps I am not realizing all of your worries about this,
but I just shoot this out as a warning in general.

Thanks for reading this rant, I'll have to hit the sack, but
will be back sometime tomorrow. Good night.

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