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raven mad

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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Interior Alaska
Home country: Alaska
Current location: Fairbanks
Member since: Wed Jan 15, 2014, 01:29 AM
Number of posts: 4,940

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Hi, all. I'm an Alaskan very proud of our President today!! Just joined this group so

am not quite familiar, yet, with the discussions. However, the Alaska Dispatch News has a really great article about the Beaufort Sea, now 9.8 million acres protected by our President, and bowhead whales. I hope y'all enjoy it! Quite chilly here in the Interior today at 44 below - think warm thoughts for us!

Bowhead whale songs are complex and copied, new study shows
Yereth Rosen Alaska Dispatch News January 26, 2015

Inuit legend says Sedna, the beautiful but tragic goddess of the ocean, sings underwater to give detailed instructions to the whales and other sea animals.

Now scientists have new information about the level of detail in the songs that bowhead whales sing to one another when they are migrating into the Beaufort Sea each spring.

The researchers documented 12 unique songs sung by at least 32 individual whales while swimming off Point Barrow. It is the greatest number of songs cataloged during the population’s spring migration, possibly a result of the growing population, says the study, a joint project of scientists from Bates College, the University of Washington, the North Slope Borough, Norway’s FRAM-High North Research Centre for Climate and the Environment and Cornell University.


Environmentally a very sensitive Sea, and energy gets in there because Big Oil and all the Kochsuckers really want to drill, baby, drill. Pres. Obama just blocked that kick!

Glad to be here, friends. I hope this post is okay!

Not really a discussion, just wanted to share Heidi's photo with all of you

She's a great taker of photos here!

Her website is on the photo.
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