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raven mad

Profile Information

Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Interior Alaska
Home country: Alaska
Current location: Fairbanks
Member since: Wed Jan 15, 2014, 01:29 AM
Number of posts: 4,940

Journal Archives

I was hacked as well.

If you get stuff that isn't verifiable? Block it. Horrible hack, still trying to repair. Don't answer this one. I have a favorite hacker, it isn't me, I just don't want anyone at risk.

Did you know? Cats don't like Republicans, Rapunzel or Reagan.

This should probably be in the lounge. My cats adore cops, and we're a military bunch here in the Interior - Ft. Wainwright, Eielson AFB, Ft. Greeley, Elmendorf, Fort Rich....................i

The kitties EAT republicans..........................Honest to whatever deity you like. My Sugar BIT Don Young. I think that's why she died.

Oh, and I had a puppie who chomped Sarah Palin. Not hard but a little puppie. She shoved her and it' s not easy to shove a McKenzie River H8sly7

It wasn't my nuke.

I didn't get to finish; it's snowing hard and 9 below.

And I have wifi, not cable. Snow rocks but in Interior Alaska where there are few towers? YOU try wifi in Anuktuvik!

If my posts come up "short" ................. snow...................

VOTE VOTE VOTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Want to meet a scumbag? She's the one on the right. 2002. I'm the one in the bluejeans, looking disgusted.
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