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raven mad

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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Interior Alaska
Home country: Alaska
Current location: Fairbanks
Member since: Wed Jan 15, 2014, 01:29 AM
Number of posts: 4,940

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Just don't.

Yep, it's confirmed. I'm a streetwalker. AND an honorary member of the LOONatics...........

(I like where I live.)
I don't expect replies and it's a little bit picture heavy. But DAMN I've got a great team. Bunch of damn hippies whose kids are in local colleges, universities, trade schools and whose kids are in the services, and those going to schools Outside. These "kids" yep - awesome. I think I'll name my high school heroes and heroines - and hell yeah every one of them will ROCK THE VOTE. My high school, 1972 grad, MALEMUTES; West Valley WOLF PACK; North Pole PATRIOTS; Eielson AFB RAVENS; THE University of Alaska NANOOKS; Hutchison Career Center HAWKS; Monroe Catholic High School RAMS. There's not a kid going to any one of these schools that will not ROCK THE VOTE. Not old enough to vote? Neither was I in 1972 - but I could help folks get registered.

Us damn Alaskans.......
My GOTV team...................LOL! Just as friggin' nuts as we were 40 years ago!!


Where I live is NOT an affluent area. So we got each other's back in earthquakes, floods, extreme cold, horrendous wildfires. When we got beat by Sarah about 2/3 of my "hood" quit voting, let registration lapse, etc. It wasn't transportation problems, it was "I give up because my vote didn't matter" disappointment and they miss Uncle Ted. And Bill Egan. And Tony Knowles. And Jay Hammond. And what's funny? Wally Hickel (Independent). (Yeah, I kept a sort of tally). I haven't heard a single person we encountered say a good thing about "the Quitter" (that was from a fellow who served in Korea). Ms Superpatriot Palin got about 45% of the state to just sigh and not go to the polls. Oh, I'm being mean......... she didn't grab her flag wrap.........

Bernie won the primary here............... GOTV!

NRA member and local shootist and all around great guy for a Republican - "Hillary has brass balls. We need that. We need intelligence and guts, not a buffoon."

Check out Byron Mallott - I wanted HIM for governor. He's lieutenant governor and really is SO much a great leader. First Alaska Native in that office. Says something. He's not just a politico..........

This is a damn weird state politically, as almost 70% of the population is in or near Anchorage and therefore "beholden" to Big Oil. We in other areas call it Las Anchorage............. (I know that's not nice, but neither is BP/Exxon/etc.........) LOL! Another reason to avoid it like you would black ice.

We all decided after a few beers and lots of laughs that we'd call our group loons - and yeah those neat birdies are all over here in the Interior.

This is a pretty bird. She is a common loon and oh, her voice is home to me.

AND HERE is a real LOON................ atic. She can't find her way out of a paper bag, let alone to the Blue Loon, the Marlin, Silver Gulch or the Howling Dog.

We're hopeful!!! It just may be loonatic you're looking for (spelling deliberate). And yeah, I know Joe Walsh hasn't got a thing to do with GOTV but it fits us crazies who wear out our sandals, sneakers, hiking boots, etc. to GOTV!



I cried. Thank you - Travis.

There are certain religions that require "shunning" for various transgressions according to THEIR interpretation of not worshiping the right god (the ONE and ONLY way to get to "heaven". (I have to do this........ "If you want to get to heaven, you've got to raise a little hell..........)

OMG OMG............... ok, I have a friend younger than me but not by much. His autism was acute and he's now in his 50's - and is a brilliant scientist but we STILL blow straw wrappers. And play trivial pursuit. And scrabble. Funny how that works, eh? Well, I lose and not by choice. Imagine how HIS mom and dad coped in the 50's?? Yep, we went to grade school together and usually rode our bikes there). I have NEVER EVER met a more kind and compassionate guy - even then. AND we swapped lunch stuff.

WHERE ARE THE PARENTS OF THOSE KIDS WHO WON'T SIT AT HIS TABLE???? Oh, yeah, denouncing Satan. And donating to sTrumpet, and listening to Rush and worshiping Sarah, and signing up for NRA and buying their new gun. Hey, parents of "normal" kids -watch your bubba's.............

I hope someone has his Mom's email and lets her know she's doing a great job and there are a LOT of us! Educators, CSW, and every cop I've met in REALLY varied areas of this state - EVERY firefighter, EVERY EMT and a lot of us just plain folks on are there for her and would LOVE to meet her son - this may sound wrong to those who don't know this condition - come on up and I promise a sled dog ride or if in summer a place to camp near Denali. Or go fishin'. Or meet a wolf or a moose or a ptarmigan!

My grandson. I have a really neat rocket ship on my refrigerator door. And his models of trains (yep, a REAL track that his kitty tends to share, as long as she doesn't eat the train). He built it. His first Etch-a-sketch (I had to go far and wide to find it) was a very exactly Puff. So we sang that one all the way back to town... Once we (his mom and dad and grandpa and me)were at a "fancy" (meaning high priced) restaurant, the Turtle Club. He was 4 and everyone in the place was enchanted by him. He drew on a paper container (for leftovers) of his back yard kitty. He left it for our server at the hostess desk.

The photo is not my grandson................. but it is JUST right! Keep everyone aware that "different" does not mean bullies are allowed (LOL! My grandson and his first dirt bike and hell YEAH that was my old ugly stupid worthless idea.............. Damn, he hits the back trails just right over logs and has to parse straight shots.)

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