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raven mad

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Gender: Do not display
Hometown: Interior Alaska
Home country: Alaska
Current location: Fairbanks
Member since: Wed Jan 15, 2014, 01:29 AM
Number of posts: 4,940

Journal Archives

I'm going to be offline for a while, no idea when I can get back on.

We are moving - NEAT new cabin, but my IPS isn't there, and the one that is requires a huge deposit, that I don't have.

I'll be back..............

I am in the process of moving, our place has been sold.

We didn't know it was up for sale, but what the heck, our soon-to-be ex-landlord is great. Unlike those who get ripped away and now have NO place. Ours has been here in Fairbanks for 50 years. Theirs? Who knows. Folks like sTrumpet and ICE don't give a shit.

My ex-landlord is a VERY religious Christian. He almost wept when he gave us the "move" notice. We found a place very recently that's affordable for one disabled and one elderly working adult. Sorta. No running water. Oh, well, outhouse, here we come again. Better than a cement floor and a cage. And no mom or dad, and people that yell at you and kick and hit you.

I start feeling sorry for myself, my lover, and my kitty - and then realize my kitty will only have to spend 17 minutes in her soft-sided, padded-bottom kennel to get to her kitty-safe new home. Not like the babies and toddlers kidnapped from their parents. And spending their time in cages. CAGES!!!!!!!!

I will have really good neighbors, and a landlord (soon ex) who is loaning not only his truck but his 1-ton trailer, and helping load it. I'll have food of my choosing (and I'm a damn creative cook - my moose stew is not to be believed, it's that good), a spacious (800 SF) log cabin, good heat that's paid for by the new landlord, lots of room for the motorcycle.............. I hate moving. Unlike the ICE folks who don't give a crap and laugh at crying children. Or kick and shove them. Or ............... and it's the PITS when you have no choice....... as a child, it's worse than that. Now, you have NO security at all.

We were all out swatting mosquitoes and yakking over the grill. I heard our landlord curse for the FIRST time ever - "I HAVE KIDS AND GRANDKIDS, WHAT IS THIS DAMN IDIOT DOING?"

He is going to change his voter registration to Democrat tomorrow.

If there is a God, I hope She swats the living FUCK out of the Donald, his slut, and his followers. Make this photo a meme.

And never forget Mom tying that baby girl's red sneakers. Crying. Another meme. Oh, Melania? FUCK YOU.

And your supposed child whom your husband likes the look of.............

Hey, ICE? You did this. There is not a single honorable human in that institution. Which is where they all should be.

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