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Member since: Tue Jan 28, 2014, 12:49 PM
Number of posts: 6,592

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"Washington Post Promotes Dickensian Marketing Experiment on Poor Children."

FAIR is right, this is disgusting.


The Washington Post offers readers a chance to watch impoverished children taunted with a cruel choice.

In America, as a rule, we shame the poor, ignore the poor, blame the poor for being poor, mock the poor and do little to nothing to protect the poor. Increasingly, however, a new trend has emerged: using the poor as props in shoddy “inspirational” viral content. One such effort was recently featured in the Washington Post (12/18/15), and is as bad as such things get:

These Low-Income Kids Were Given a Gift for Their Parents and for Themselves. But They Could Only Keep One.


If they make more money from screaming kids than me, well there ya go. It's a free country. (And I won't spend my money there.)

Take them home, then.

BTW, I actually like kids. Just not those that are allowed to behave inappropriately in public without being removed.

I don't even agree that fast-food sitdown is OK.

Can't behave? Take them home. My mom would agree.

If kids are not old/mature enough

not to disturb other paying customers, they are not old/mature enough to be taken to restaurants.

If they are thought to be but it is discovered otherwise, they need to be taken out/home.

So say I and would say my mom.

Serious question re debate.

I heard Bernie apologize for staffers' actions re VAN. Exact words, "I apologize." I heard Hillary respond. I did not hear her say anything resembling, "I accept your apology." Perhaps I missed something.

I did hear her agree with the call for an independent investigation. Good.

The 1967 A Christmas Memory (Geraldine Page)

The George C. Scott Christmas Carol.
The Barishnikov/Kirkland Nutcracker.

TELLING people how to think and feel. ^^^THIS^^^

I don't care who or what it's in support of. It gets my back up and it is STUPID as a tactic of persuasion.

Unless it's reverse psychology. Hmmmmm, makes me wonder..... (No, I have no basis for that speculation, except that this garbage as a means, supposedly, of garnering support for your candidate is so incredibly STUPID.)

It's not just one stranger, and I'm not sad, I'm disgusted.

Hopefully, as I've said before, here only matters here.

But it's still not pretty. I hope nobody ever claims to support me and behaves this way.

It's also why I've trashed the Bernie forum. (Yes, I know there are some not-pretty Hillary supporters as well. But I'm still a Bernie supporter, so this garbage from some of his "supporters" bothers me more.)

And I've voted in every single election, not just the general, for nearly 50 years now. Plus money and work for candidates. Assume much?

Well, I only wound up here by accident - I trashed GD: P as well, but trashing doesn't work right on the tablet. So in future I will try very hard to look at the forum title. Oh, VERY hard.

I would say "you're kidding," but I know you're not.

OK, I take it back about DU not making a difference.

This should be front-page news for people who want progressives to win.

I am about to be physically ill.

Thank you for this information, which in a rational world I should have known but didn't. My very bad.
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