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Member since: Tue Jan 28, 2014, 12:49 PM
Number of posts: 6,592

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It's not DWS and DNC's place right now to back Bernie.

But it's sure their place NOT to deliberately sabotage him. When they also try to fundraise off him, it REALLY makes me angry.

And the moral of this story is

That there should be no such thing as a sitting government official, elected or appointed, with a "foundation."

I take a dim view of people to whom a grip and grin pic means so much.

I'm just not constitutionally capable of understanding it. Which is why I'll probably never have any real power, since my view undoubtedly puts me in the minority.

I have occasionally had opportunities for grip and grin, and I generally do not take them. One of the few times I did was an autographed pic (with me in it because that was the way it worked) that came with good tickets to a show I wanted to see. I gave it to a kid to whom it meant more than it did to me. (And I didn't take a dim view of him because he was, after all, a kid.)

I find your tone quite condescending,

And I try not to spend time on boast and speculation. So I guess I really need to put down the tablet, watch the debate, and get some sleep so I can work.

You think I'm intelligent, meaning eventually I will come around, I guess? Thanks ever so.


"Money" is just a way of keeping track of material and human resources.

Well, it's functioning fine to reward the capitalists.

I actually like small-scale capitalism.

It's the ones taking over the functions of government that I object to.


We have enough here to share without taking excessively from the 99%, or at least some reasonable percent. Sounds like divisiveness to me. And, yes, I would pay a lot more, currently, as I can afford it, currently.

And we got along with smaller houses and one bathroom just fine for a long time. I'm just happy to have a house of my own.

You're right that it isn't AAs voting against their interests.

Democratic is the best that can be done in our system.

And now that I think of it, it's another example of his tone-deafness in this area. I hate to say it, but it's currently true. Really hope that changes.

I am NOT dissing Bernie. I'm inclined to the same type of tone-deafness, but I like to think I try to listen.


And the fact that most people would have no clue what you are saying goes to show the huge potential for hanky-panky.

Paper ballots. Hand counted at the precinct level. Watched by a webcam. Results posted on the door before the ballots leave.

She lost it with me

When she said (on foreign policy IIRC), I'm OK, McCain's OK, but I dunno about that Obama fella.

First time in my life to make a primary campaign donation.
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