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Member since: Tue Jan 28, 2014, 12:49 PM
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I have two (well three) words for you .


Heinlein was active in Upton Sinclair's socialist End Poverty in California movement in the early 1930s. When Sinclair gained the Democratic nomination for Governor of California in 1934, Heinlein worked actively in the campaign.


Upton Sinclair.

You know,


Smile when you tell me what's "not welcome here."

Bernie gets to the heart of the matter, as I have seen it for years, on MTP.

I guess this belongs here. It says a lot about why I'm for Bernie and why I think he can win (knock on wood), anyway.

This really resonated with me. (My comments in parentheses - I'd love to do it the correct way, with square brackets, but I've learned that just gets my comment disappeared - oddity of DU formatting.)


--He (President Obama) said he was going to govern this way. I remember the whole idea of Obama-- they called it Organizing for America (which, IIRC was virtually immediately abandoned/dismantled) -- that they were going to create a legislative that when they were blocked (Chuck??? Huh?????? Problem with transcript?), what you're describing, it didn't happen (no, it certainly didn't).


Okay. You're right, it didn't happen. And I think what ended up happening is the president, because he happens to be a very decent guy (yes, I have always said I'd like to hug his neck, a Southern expression, I guess, since I've always heard it, and I really mean it - personally, I adore the man), actually thought that he could sit down with the Republican leadership and work out some fair compromises. (Yep, and I've always said the man either never bought a car, or if he did he got taken, or something else is going on beneath the surface. I really don't see any other options.) The truth is, number one, they never had any intention to compromise. (Yes, even I could see that.) But number two, more importantly, you have to be prepared to mobilize people to take on these big money interests. (EXACTLY!!!!!!)

But you are right. I think we can do it. And I think that's what the bully pulpit is about. (Which has not been used nearly enough, at least in the way I wish it would be.) And that's what organizing effort's about. And that's what this campaign is about. And we're beginning to do that, Chuck. Every day I read in the paper things that are happening someplace in this country, whether there's spontaneous outbursts of support for us. (Huh?? Another transcript problem?) And that is what we have to mobilize. The bottom line is, unless turnout becomes much higher, we lose. Unless people are organized and politically conscious in a way that does not exist today, we are not going to transform America the way we have to. (EXACTLY!!!!!)

I have to do a hit and run, or whatever you would call it, as I just saw this transcript and felt moved to post before I have to get off the computer and leave for a prior engagement. I guess what DU thought of this (if anything) will be a surprise (of some sort) in the AM......

CBS Sunday Morning puff piece on Charles Koch. Ugh.


I'll start - he just said he "didn't put a penny on Scott Walker."

And CBS will continue the puffery Monday morning.


OK, I give up - what *time* is the debate?

I cannot find it listed anywhere on teh intertubes.

Hmmm.... TV Guide on tablet says 6PM Central. But does not even list it as "debate" - just "special program."

The America of my parents (baby boomer)

was where it was at.

Yeah, it needed serious tweaking with regard to women and minorities. But it was definitely proceeding in the right direction until Reagan ran it off the rails.

If you're sharing funny kid's names,

You are at least indirectly making fun of the kids, or at least not seeing them for themselves.

Whoosh yourself.

And I think your teacher friend should find a new profession.



Oh, thank you for the pic.

Brought tears to my eyes and gratitude to my heart.

On edit - about the third guy:

Again on edit.

Those people in the photo are not "them"! They are US!

When I saw the end of Colbert tonight,

(think he needs to loosen up, think that he will), all I could think of, when I saw Paul Simon being cut off on one of his most famous songs was this:


Um, all-female combat units?

We live in the real world here.

All I'm arguing for is for every individual to be given a fair chance according to the rules, and that the rules be reasonable according to the circumstances.
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