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Member since: Tue Jan 28, 2014, 12:49 PM
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I guess this is GD...

I want to thank CNN and Kevin Spacey for the Presidential series. Assuming we survive, what a gift to future generations.



[div class="excerpt"Folklorist Alan Lomax spent his career documenting folk music traditions from around the world. Now thousands of the songs and interviews he recorded are available for free online, many for the first time. It's part of what Lomax envisioned for the collection long before the age of the Internet.

Go ahead Bernie - raise my taxes!

Saw this in the Hillary group. Can't reply because I'm banned by my own request, so as not to get myself in trouble. (I'm banned from the Bernie group - this happened very early! - for posts that weren't even in the Bernie group and in any case just expressed distaste for, IMHO, over-the-top rah rah.)



Caveat - I have no idea where they got their numbers.

Assuming their numbers have some basis in reality, I'd be on the hook for quite a bit more with Bernie.


I'll admit I'd expect the money to be well-spent, and would be disappointed if it wasn't. But the money itself I can currently afford and would be willing to entrust to Bernie, if he was able to get his programs enacted.


Does that mean you think Bernie will be the nominee?

If he is I will work my ass off like my life depends on it. Because I think it will.

Serious adrenaline rush as I was getting ready for bed.

I started out doing way more than I was comfortable with for Bernie, backed off to just money.

But I can ramp up again if I am seriously threatened.

I will do the same for whoever is the nominee.

Not this Democrat.

Just sent another $30, actually. In it to the convention!

(And in spite of my distaste for some, IMHO, over-the-top, non-productive rah, rah and threats to sit out the general, and some tone-deafness in the Sanders campaign, I'm considering reinstating my Bernie avatar. Yes, I'm watching the AZ rally. And I've been a monthly contributor since well before he announced. At least a year, I think, although I upped it drastically when he announced.)

On a lighter note (in some sense), Karen and Ella.


Richard on PBS activated my middle-finger reflex, and I Googled this.

DWS/Canova primary is in AUGUST!

I had been thinking I was too late to make a difference - apparently I was wrong!



ETA that I debated where to put this. It's not Bernie/Hillary, so...

Hey, y'all...

I flatter myself you might be interested...

Got the results from my first mammogram since my lumpectomy, and I am clean!

Couldn't resist adding this:


Just got the results from my first mammogram since my lumpectomy.

I am clean!


Finally, an explanation I can understand.

And if Ron Jr. says it, I believe it.

Nevertheless, how utterly tone deaf. Not thinking that family and the 1% may know this, but we peons don't.
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