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Member since: Tue Jan 28, 2014, 12:49 PM
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"Not around yet" is the kindest explanation.

I remember.

Here's what I still want to know.

Whereinthehell did she get the idea Nancy was an AIDS activist??

I'm not "capitalizing" on a damn thing.

I am offended/baffled, and trying to figure out whatinthehell she was thinking, if she was.

I first heard the overture

When our high school band played it. I was a freshman. Fell in love immediately. Also, at the same time, with these.



Oh, and this one. This is *the* proper rendition of this one. I'm picky - the Bernstein-conducted Candide overture I found offhand is not the best I've heard, according to me.



As soon as she emitted the first sentence of that part, my middle-finger reflex was activated.

But you know what? Up to that point I was looking at the society pictures of "the club you aren't in" and suppressing my gag reflex. Maybe Nancy did do that quietly, and only the 1% knows, and Hill forgot her audience wasn't just the 1%.

It's a theory, fwiw. I'm trying to come up with an explanation for something I find inexplicable.

Hillary will release her speeches if REPUBLICANS do?

(Just saw this again on a news clip.)

We are in the primaries right now....

If those transcripts cannot stand up against her Democratic opponent, perhaps she should not be the nominee.

For the record, I don't think there's anything damning in them. Just whom she spoke to, how glowingly she no doubt spoke of them, and what she got paid. Um, well, then, maybe I misspoke there.....

Going to bed now, will see reception in AM, or maybe PM after work, depending on how fast I'm able to drag myself out of bed. I'm generally pretty slow.... ;->

Serious question re Capehart.

In his follow-up, he says:

This was after officials at the University of Chicago confirmed to me that the caption on the 1962 photo was changed in January from Sanders to Rappaport after a number of alumni came forward last year to insist that the young man in question was not the former but the latter.

If *this* January, I find the timing suspect. Or was it last? (I vaguely recall hearing the caption change happened some time ago.) But then why this sudden interest *last* January or earlier?

Anybody happen to know some backstory (plus the timing), just for my curiosity?

ETA link to follow-up, plus statement that not contacting original photographer before first piece was pretty unprofessional.


Need to get away from tablet for physical wellbeing - help/opinion?

My left neck and shoulder are quite messed up from holding tablet in left hand and typing with right forefinger.

Wish to find something small, fast, with good keyboard that is comfortable to hold in lap and has matte screen.

OS negotiable, but don't like what I've heard about Win 10 and wish to avoid steep learning/setup curve if possible.

Loved MSI Wind 10" until upgrades in work computers made me gradually dissatisfied with its speed. Can't be upgraded. Still occasionally consider trying Linux on it.

Have business-class refurbished Dell 12" which is excellent except that I can't just grab it off the shelf behind my recliner like I can the tablet.

Thank you all very much in advance.



Clinton became one of the biggest Democratic guns yet to rally behind Cuomo’s ticket this week, part of a strategy to overwhelm Teachout and her running mate Tim Wu with party firepower.



I know one can put people on an "ignore" list, but

I wish there were a "to be disregarded" list. elad, might this feature be added? Members, is it there and I have missed it? I seriously have trouble remembering whom to take seriously.

(This was prompted by a thread I recently participated in that, upon reflection, was in response to what I regarded a particularly silly OP, although many of the replies provided interesting information.)
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