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For the first time in more than five decades you can take a look at a piece of Houston history; film that was shot of protests and demonstrations to end segregation in Houston.

On March 4 1960, students from TSU staged a sit-in at the Weingarten's lunch counter to protest segregation at Houston eateries. The following day, they held a sit-in at Madding's drug store.

KTRK was there and shot film of the sit-ins as well as a protest at the cafeteria at City Hall.



Holly Adrienne Hogrobrooks, a civil rights pioneer who helped organize Houston first sit-in has passed away, she was 75.

Hogrobrooks efforts in organizing a series of lunch counter demonstrations at supermarkets and drug stores across the city in 1960 helped end segregation in Houston.


She's Andrea Mitchell.

Who freely chose to be closely associated with Alan Greenspan.

And virtually never mentions it.

Nor recuses herself where appropriate.


I would not dream of calling her that were I to meet her personally.

(Not bloody likely.)

As shorthand, in discussion, for whom she *chooses* to associate with, well....

What's better than Tom Lehrer doing Vatican Rag?

Why, this, of course!



Local Democratic honchos where I live have said essentially the same thing.

I'm getting tired/scared of people trying to warn/help being rebuffed/ignored.

Hey, look what I just found!

While researching a response to a Bernie reply about God.


Adding headline - I considered the name of the link descriptive enough, but I now see it doesn't all show.

Gallup: Record 58% of Americans Would Vote to Elect an Atheist President

Does anyone else find it offensive

that Mrs. Greenspan is one of the moderators of this debate? I find it impossible to take her seriously, myself.

On edit.

Anrdrea Mitchell, who is married to Mr. Greenspan.

I still happily plead guilty to mentioning the connection, and add that if I disagreed with hubby on fundamental moral issues we would no longer be married. Thanks for helping me appreciate hubby.

OK, I said I was going to stay off teh tablet during the debate, but

Bernie, what's with this "my good friend" Trump??? Hope the hoi polloi gets it....!

Edited to add that even hubby noticed.

Is this normal? (Question re TPP comment period.)

It feels like I just heard about the TPP comment period being open, so in my mind I had plenty of time.

But it says here the last day is January 13, i.e., Wednesday, and that the comment period opened on December 28, i.e., last week.


The last time I commented was on net neutrality, and I had though that period was at least a couple of months. Am I remembering correctly there?

Are the PTB trying to hide the TPP comment period? It sure seems like it.
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