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Member since: Tue Jan 28, 2014, 12:49 PM
Number of posts: 6,592

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I would say "you're kidding," but I know you're not.

OK, I take it back about DU not making a difference.

This should be front-page news for people who want progressives to win.

I am about to be physically ill.

Thank you for this information, which in a rational world I should have known but didn't. My very bad.

Yes, he does.

Since Thom Hartmann hosted "Brunch with Bernie" for over a decade, and also quotes this place, you'd think. Anybody got Hartmann's ear? You'd think he'd notice on his own. Or Bernie, but I'd really expect Hartmann to notice.


I'm out once I can pry myself away from this thread. (I'm only human...)

I comfort myself that DU has no effect IRL and that Bernie and/or his people do not know what is going on here (I assume).

Thom Hartmann does quote this place - I think he should rethink that.

Cringe is becoming my reaction. And I'm a Bernie supporter. nt

It was for or about them to the extent that they had empathy.

But they also had a choice. People who could be identified by sight didn't.

Not sure of meaning here.

Not that I'm required to be. On surface, yes we do.

Late night grump - if this means you want to kick me out of the Bernie group, feel free. DU will not make any difference to his election, IMHO, and some of them are way too blindly rah-rah for me anyway.

I'm frankly tired of the useless bickering on all sides, and especially of Bernie central when it becomes, again IMHO, pointless or even counterproductive.

Quite possibly I am misreading your point. If so, apologies in advance. It's late, and I am getting off this device. In a rational world, I should go out and do something useful. Perhaps I will.

"The problem is too many white people think it was white people who gave you rights"

EXACTLY! And me too. No damn body "gave" me any damn rights. Maybe that's why I get so worked up.

I love that kind of country club.

We still have one near us, with a restaurant anybody can eat in, in a beautiful mid-century building. What a treasure.

I have.

Hubby and I don't have much family and are not social.

We eat in sit-down restaurants, tip the server extravagantly, and thank them for working Thanksgiving.

Say, Waffle House is a great idea. We could *really* cause a pleasant surprise with our usual tip there. I like Waffle House.

Another old fart here!

Very encouraging thing, the youngsters seem to be with us. I really think/hope we are at a tipping point. With any luck, a non-violent one.
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