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Member since: Tue Jan 28, 2014, 12:49 PM
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Not funny at all.

If a thing can hurt, it deserves fair treatment.

People need to think before they take responsibility for a living thing.

That said, I have a friend who has had a 150-pound pig for years. He loves it. Same as a dog.

Cabaret and Buzzr (game tv - old - on cable)

Caveat - I may well go night night right after posting this.

Looking at Bert Convy and remembering that he was the original Isherwood character in the original Broadway Cabaret. I liked the movie but I LOVED the original musical.

Lotte Lenya:

There's more I love that didn't make it into the movie, but not on YouTube from the original cast album.

Betty White and Allen Ludden are also on the episode I'm watching.


Oh, I certainly do.

Who it wasn't sold to was the people, the court of public opinion, who could at least have attempted to push the legislators. And the idea would at least have gotten some publicity.

So nothing might have come of it - something might have. To go with what I think was the theme of this OP, I don't think many people expected what is happening with Bernie. And at least it wouldn't have been written off from the very beginning, and the representatives of that viewpoint, IIRC, completely shut out.

My impression has always been that he starts his negotiations at the point where he thinks they are going to end. I haven't negotiated much, but that's not the idea as I understand it.

Anyhow, thanks for the conversation. I think I've said everything I had to say, probably too many times....!

We all were promised,

or at least implied, a lot in 2008. We got the best our corporate masters would allow.

Support for charters

Can be good or bad, depending on whether one wants to hold them accountable, and whether one views them as laboratories or profit centers.

Oh, please, let R's boost Bernie

And watch it backfire.

I heard (Saint, to me) Jimmy Carter on NPR the other day. That was not your standard 90-year-old mind.

By my reckoning, Bernie's mind is not more than 40 in acuity. In wisdom, he's timeless to me.


Barney Frank on Houston PBS.

Just saw him on our local liberal/conservative talking head show. Talked mostly about general policy issues, and both hosts treated him, rightly, as just another human being. Things have sure changed for the better.



MLK was colorblind? That's the equivalent of saying he was an idiot.

My racist dad

tried to convince me that Lincoln would have kept slavery to save the Union.

Still don't know if he was right, and I don't care.

It was an abomination, and it had to go.

One of the very great things about the South

Is the people who fought for their rights.

That's the greatest.
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