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Member since: Tue Jan 28, 2014, 12:49 PM
Number of posts: 6,592

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Watching the correspondents dinner (yeah, I know...)

I just love and appreciate Barak Hussein Obama and his family so very, very much. That is all.


I want to hug that man's neck (an expression I heard in my childhood, and remember doing so to adults while they held me in their arms).

I believe he's one of the best human beings who's ever held the office.

I also believe that in our current system you have to be a corporatist to get there.

ETA: And dear God I appreciate him. He didn't have to do it but he did. I'm mad at him for a number of things but I love him. By Heinlein's definition and also by emotion.

So, how's Bernie doing?

I couldn't resist making a reply of mine an OP. And I couldn't resist doing it now, even though I should and intend to put this device down for the night now.

I say:

If the M$M had covered Bernie like they covered Trump - or anything close - since he started drawing huge crowds to his rallies, he'd have it locked up by now.

What he's done in spite of a late start and obstacles is amazing.

(I'm sure this has been said before. I'm saying it again.)

Greg Palast: New York voting fiasco just the warm-up for the November game

Buckle up, America. The voting demolition derby that was the New York primary on Tuesday was merely the crash test for the coming voting wreckage in November: a carefully planned pile up.

First, live from New York….

Francesca Rheannon, whom you may know as the host of Writers’ Voice radio, did the civic thing by volunteering to work the polls in a town east of New York City.

“I just got off my 17 hour shift as an election official. In my election district, out of 166 Democratic voters, 39 were forced to file affidavit ballots. The last [election] I worked in, exactly ONE voter needed an affidavit ballot.”

That’s nearly one of four voters. Why? Their names had gone missing from the voter rolls.


Odd experience with My USPS -anyone else?

Going to bed shortly after hitting "post," if I don't reply tonight.

Signed up for My USPS, wondering at the time how they'd know I was me.

Well, they asked me a couple questions about previous addresses. Kinda creepy, but I guess in the computer age they figure they might as well keep that data.

Then they asked me who my mortgage servicer was and how much I paid per month. The correct answers were right there in the multiple choice distractors.


Some of the verbiage at least implied they had looked at my credit report. There was no warning they would do that.

As I have said, WHAAAAAA????!!!!

Wolf just said Hillary lied then rated it true (re $15)

First my jaw dropped because CNN actually said she lied, then it dropped again.

No vid link, going to bed. Anyone supplies one, appreciated.

I guess this is GD...

I want to thank CNN and Kevin Spacey for the Presidential series. Assuming we survive, what a gift to future generations.



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