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Member since: Tue Jan 28, 2014, 12:49 PM
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Get shut of corporations then.

"Bernie's ego" (as has been said here) my €&ŁĄ.

If you believe that, I can't believe you're listening right now.

ETA - shut up, Joy (instructed no doubt by MSNBC) let me listen.

Nevermind, I'll go elsewhere. If I can find an elsewhere.

Well, I was really looking forward to the new To Tell the Truth....

Especially with Betty White.

But I find I REALLY do not care which of the three contestants dated Taylor Swift in high school.


Ali song (I had quite a time finding this).

I knew I remembered this from my youth - '75, so teh Google says.



That was my first thought.

Then I took it as good thoughts expressed in the way of the poster. Sounded like ritual words to me, without looking it up. Maybe I'll go look it up now.

But, yeah, I sure see your point, and came thaaaat faaaar from responding the same way.

ETA that, for the record, it didn't sound necessarily Christian to me. But I sure don't think he requires forgiveness, etc.

Yip Harburg. You should know him.

On another thread, my Magic 8-Ball of a brain threw up a number from _Finian's Rainbow_, which got me thinking about Yip in general.

Not just _Wizard of Oz_.

Edgar Yipsel "Yip" Harburg (born Isidore Hochberg, Yiddish: איסידור הוכברג‎; April 8, 1896 – March 5, 1981) was an American popular song lyricist who worked with many well-known composers. He wrote the lyrics to the standards "Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?," "April in Paris," and "It's Only a Paper Moon," as well as all of the songs in The Wizard of Oz, including "Over the Rainbow." He was known for the social commentary of his lyrics, as well as his liberal sensibilities. He championed racial and gender equality and union politics. He also was an ardent critic of religion.





(This vid won't embed. Click - it's worth it.)
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