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Hometown: San Diego
Current location: Oceanside
Member since: Sun Feb 2, 2014, 01:03 AM
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Crosspost: 2 killed in stabbing on MAX train.

The blue state of Oregon has trusted it's citizens with the right of concealed carry much longer than the "gun-crazy" states of Texas and Arizona. Yet when two unarmed good Samaritans are killed by stabbing trying to protect innocent women, they are described as "having done the best they could". Well sure -- they did the best the could given that they were out-matched. But the situation likely would have turned out better if even one of them had been a poised concealed-carry permit holder (which most are) with a sidearm.

Of course our resident restriction supporters will barf out the 'guns would have only made thing worse' "argument". Unarmed men defending two Muslim women: good. Armed men defending themselves and two Muslim women: bad. How illiberal and nauseating. Here's the thread:

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