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Member since: Sun Feb 16, 2014, 05:50 AM
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Lost my friend yesterday, Quite a guy,

Frank was the guy whose table you wanted to be at when you were at a social affair. Funny, upbeat and always with a smile on his face, he could keep you laughing for hours.

I could tell you stories but my favorite was when he was working for A.D.P. in the '60's. Company would fly him first class from N.J. to Ca. After one of the flights, he called his wife to tell her he sat next to Harry Belafonte. Nothing more was said about that... Plane arrived, I'm safe and so forth.

The next morning, there's a knock on the door. His wife answers and there are flowers and a card,

"With my deepest sympathy,
Harry Belafonte."

I miss him.


Obama's playing 3D chess - TPP. We just gotta trust him.

Youse people bitching about Obama pushing TPP, just wait.

You recall when he was gonna renegotiate NAFTA? Well, he's going to complete the TPP negotiations and then tell Wall Street, "If you want me to sign TPP, you've got to give up NAFTA." That'l fix the bastards.

Just wait, you'll see. Obama is on our side.

He's been playing 3D chess all along.

And if you think this is a great plan, wait till Hillary gets to playing 4D chess with the banksters.

Suggestions for a Cape Cod photo shoot this weekend?

I am going on business scheduled for Monday. I have the weekend free. Any ideas?
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