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Member since: Sun Feb 16, 2014, 05:50 AM
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Bishop Oscar Romero is on his way to being a saint. If he doesn't make it,

can he still get into heaven?

Happy Mother's Day, (kind of) for me.

I started becoming serious about photography after Joyce died in June, 2013. I needed something to do to take my mind off of losing Joyce. A few thousand photos later, there are maybe 50 that are worthy of being printed.

The photos run from landscape to birds. More and more of my attention goes to photographing birds.

I sold about 50 of my prints but have not put much effort into selling. Still, twelve of my photos were sold to a restaurant in Maplewood, N.J. They hang on different parts of the restaurant and I must say that it gives me pleasure to go into the restaurant and see my work displayed.

Looking at my photo book, the restaurant owner saw a photo of a Tern that was holding a fish in her beak to feed to her chick. Chick is there with its mouth wide open, waiting impatiently. I ordered the print on aluminum and it was delivered to the restaurant on Friday.

Today, I went into the restaurant. The 11 x 14 photo of the mother Tern feeding her chick was on the counter next to the register with a stick-on note, "HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY"

It made my day.

Help - travel information

We are planning a motorcycle ride next week. Taking the ferry from Cape May to Lewis and then drive to Va., Williamsburg.

Figuring from Rt. 1 and then west to the secondary highway across the bay.

Is it a scenic ride? Heavy traffic?

Any other info?
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