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Member since: Tue Feb 25, 2014, 08:07 PM
Number of posts: 1,837

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Nancy Pelosi will wait until the polls come in with overwhelming public

support for impeachment proceedings. In this way
She will know there will be push back on congressional Republicans... especially Republican senators.

Her non committal response I believe is designed to create public pushback.

Just tuned back in to the Barr hearing Barr is looking

very sweaty and uncomfortable. Face red. Most uncomfortable. Almost like he’s about to throw up.
Just saying.

Biden wrote the Violence Against Women Act

Yes his treatment of Anita Hill was wrong. But if we look at the totality of his career he is a strong supporter of women and progressive policies.

We have to win at the ballot box!

And we as Democrats should win there we have the numbers! But with voter suppression and black box voting ... it’s very hard to keep the faith!
We so very much need a win! Yes we are long suffering....but we are running out of time.

Why the continual referral of Senator Sanders as BS?

Seems a holdover from the last Democratic primary and hard feelings from that. If posters want to engage in constructive debate with Mr. Sanders' supporters maybe a simple "Bernie" or "Sanders" might work.

Question about Beto O'Rourke and compensation

Curious about how he supports himself and his family during this period of time when he campaigns for senate or president. Could be his wife works and supports the family. Maybe he’s independently wealthy.

My question comes from a place of wanting him to run... and wishing him and his family no financial hardship.

Trumps followers mirror him....

This is not a blanket statement but many of Trump followers tend to be egocentric just like trump. The "I got mine so f-/@ you" crowd.
Many are woefully and willfully ignorant and don't care to learn.
Crude and crass. Who needs education? Who needs smart intelligent caring teachers?
Then there's the wealthy (probably embarrassed to support Trump) that are getting wealthier at the expense of the majority of us.... they are like him as well. Cutting corners to burn the little guy. The new tax law simply an ongoing means to make more money from the masses.... another deal they can laude over us peons. Just like Trump.
Even the evangelicals and right to lifers.... easy prey.... sort of like Trump was easy prey for Putin.
Laughably easy.

I'm a CPA with a small tax practice

My husband and I are solid middle class with two college age dependents. Nothing changed from last year to this year. Last year our refund was 4000 this year we owe 3000. That’s a 7000 swing not in our favor we are both sick about this. I’ve prepared a few returns (W2s and 1099s are just now being received) and refunds are significantly less or people owe for the first time in years. It’s gonna be tough tax season.

Pelosi for President 2020

if she doesn’t get appointed before then. This lady has the knowledge and political smarts to run against Trump. She has great instincts. She’s a master at messaging. I am absolutely in awe of Nancy Pelosi. She’s a “she-roe”.
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