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Member since: Tue Feb 25, 2014, 09:07 PM
Number of posts: 1,836

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Why is it that CNN is the main target of

Trumps war on the media? Seems it would be MSNBC. Just wondering.

Trump ten minutes late to meet Queen Elizabeth... hmmm

Will he be on time to meet Putin in Helsinki?

I'm whining

In the last few weeks I have posted eight times supporting posterís viewpoints and building posters up in solidarity. I have had not one reply back and certainly no reply of thanks for support. I joined DU so I could have some forum to express my outrage.... and some forum where I felt at home. I now ask myself... why am I even a member of DU? Why not go back to lurking? Just saying. Iím from a world where when we build each other up it is recognized. I feel invisible here.

I wonder if in Trump's sick mind part of making Mexico "pay" for the wall

is taking these kids from their parents. I know he's holding them hostage but in his sick head he probably literally thinks of them as currency. Which is even more horrifying when we don't see the girls or babies. Money and vengeance are Trump's motivators always.

I am from a small NM town quite rural. They LOVE Amazon!

Just saying. I donít think this Amazon attack will go over well with Trumps base.

A Video+Music I made for the Albuquerque March For Our Lives. Video is about ten minutes.

The young people that organized did a fantastic job. Turnout was about 10000 and way above expectations. The link is to Shutterfly.


Some of us support Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders. Yes BOTH! Why?

Because they both champion causes we believe in. Dispiriting to come here and still see so many discussions disparaging either Hillary or Bernie. For God's sake people... let's all fight the bad guys! You know? The GOP? Trump the fascist wanna be dictator? McConnell Ryan the enablers? Fox "News" propaganda? The brainwashed Trump followers that refuse to see that the attack on Austin was TERRORISM! We only have so much energy and time please don't let us waste it on attacking each other! Especially when we probably agree with each other on 95% of the issues.

Maybe the tide is turning. I posted a story on FB about Obama's response to Sandy

Hook and simply noted "President Obama <3" . Lo and behold my high school girlfriend gave it a "like". This friend of mine converted to Mormonism in the early 80s lives in Utah and has about 8 kids. She was a Tea Party follower at our class reunion in 2010. She has chided me about being negative regarding Trump on FB. Made me smile that perhaps we have common ground on the gun issue.

I would like Al Franken to come out and forcibly deny these "anonymous" accusers.

I would like to hear truth straight from him. I trust and believe him and I want to hear from him. First accuser ( only one on record disclosing her name) LeAnn Tweedon seemed partisan. Whether he resigns or not he needs to address this.

I have this dreadful feeling that Moore's

disgusting pedophilia will be drowned out by all these other sexual assault charges. Whether it be dem or republican... I think the pedophilia accused of Moore will either be diluted with all these other charges (which are also very concerning and serious)but none are of a pedophile nature. Frustrated that inevitably we will be seeing many false equivalencies (like trump=Moore=Clinton=Franken)
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