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TheNutcracker's Journal
TheNutcracker's Journal
November 5, 2014

Charlie Crist, bit in the ass by his own paper ballot/recount laws! TRIED in 2010

to get him to listen! Just crickets.

This is what happens, when too many people don't like either candidate, and the democratic party in Florida, kept their own great dem Nan Rich DOWN for Charlie Crist. What a shame.

November 3, 2014

FLA candidate Burgess has family ties to Duke Energy! He lies about ties!

Published on Nov 2, 2014

Danny “Duke” Burgess, “I never sought a career path in politics.” per The Tampa Tribune! Yet virtually everything he has done since circa age 17 has pointed him in that direction as a “Career Politician!

The “Leadership” Claim: Danny “Duke” Burgess neglected to tell us voters that he is the cousin of Lloyd “Pat” McCrory, CURRENT Republican Governor of the State of North Carolina.

Danny of course will never be a “leader” in the true sense of the word.

Danny is by any measure, a follower. He is no different than 90+% of all politicians today of BOTH major parties in that Danny’s major motivation is predominantly aligned with doing what is best for himself… by following the direction of his Republican Party establishment mentors as well as the dictums of his corporate benefactors.

The most notable Corporate benefactor for Danny of course is Duke Energy, related to his deep connections as noted here and elsewhere. Chevron doesn’t hurt him either. Let’s not forget his support for policies espoused by the American Legislative Exchange Council As well.

Danny’s Uncle Pat McCrory as a Student:

McCrory was active in the Student Government Association and was part of a conservative backlash to the growing "hippie" culture at Catawba in the mid-1970s.
McCrory lost an initial bid for Student Body President before retooling his message to win on a second run.[7] From Wikipedia
Does this story sound just a bit familiar? So who or what has influenced Danny “Duke” Burgess to choose a career path in politics? Ya think…
Danny “Duke” Burgess &
The Duke Energy Connection

In January 2007, McCrory retired from Duke Energy after 28 years with the company, to run full-time for governor. Danny’s Uncle “Pat!” Need I say more?

The Soldier Claim: Danny is quoted as saying that he was “inspired to join the military because of the events of September 11, 2001.” At age 14 or 15?
Yet, instead of enlisting in the Marines or the Army right out of high school… like every other person that I have ever met who made the same statement concerning his motivation for joining the military, Danny “Duke” Burgess waits better than a decade to join the U.S. Army Reserves as a Judge Advocate.

After first completing a BA in Political Science, graduating from Law School and being “hired” at a Law Firm Danny joined the Army Reserves.

Now serving as an Attorney with the rank of Captain in the Army Reserves since 2012, at a time when major combat demands were exponentially diminished, Danny “Duke” Burgess calculated that in 2012 it was “safe” for him to join the Army Reserves in order to add one more critical “piece” to his political resume.

Danny in 2012 confidently assumed that it was highly improbable that his personal safety would be placed at risk in “padding” his political resume by joining the Army Reserve in this capacity. Danny “Duke” Burgess meets all the accepted criteria to be deemed a weasel.

Watch Danny closely because once elected with the Corporate cCampaign CA$H and other assorted perquisites he will be beyond the accountability of the people that he purports to want to represent. I did say politics around here was dysfunctional did I not? John Russell, for CorporatistNation

CORRECTION: In this video I misspoke in stating that Danny was the “predecessor” of Will Weatherford who will be running for U.S. Senate in 2016.

I intended to state that Danny’Duke” Burgess was the hand picked, well connected as we see here, SUCCESSOR to outgoing Speaker of the Florida House of Representatives, Will Weatherford.

It can only get more pathetic. At least you the voter will know who to blame whether you choose to or not, for the adverse decision making that comes out of Tallahasse.

More on Danny’s Uncle, "Pat" McCrory, CURRENTLY Governor of North Carolina

Governor McCrory graduated from Ragsdale High School in Jamestown, North Carolina. He attended Catawba College in Salisbury, NC where he received degrees in Political Science and Education.

In January 2009, McCrory was named a Partner with Charlotte-based McCrory & Company, a sales consulting firm.[10] In January 2010, McCrory was named a Senior Director of Strategic Initiatives for Charlotte-based law firm Moore & Van Allen PLLC.

McCrory will continue to participate as a partner with McCrory & Company.[4] Info on Governor McCrory from Wikipedia
November 1, 2014

My friend asks Bernie Sanders to comment on 'small hydro'


Published on Oct 31, 2014

Senator Sanders at a Oct. 26, 2014 Hinesburg Vt. forum with Gov. Shumlin and other Vermont Representatives and State Senators, was asked to comment on Barton Vermont's exploration of small hydro at Crystal Lake Falls (www.Bartonhydro.org). This is his response.

K&R for Bernie to the greatest page!!!

PS: Coming soon, another interview that is almost 14 minutes long!

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