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Member since: Fri Mar 14, 2014, 01:09 PM
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Hypothetical: It's Trump vs. Sanders vs. Bloomberg

It's Election Day 2016, and CNN and NBC have just called it. Trump is currently at 38%, and Sanders appears to have slightly edged him out with 39%. What people will be talking about for years to come is that Bloomberg took a highly respectable 23% of the vote, the most in by an Independent in over 100 years, and winning 2 states, NY and NJ. Republicans also retained the House and Senate, losing a few seats though.

However, the real blockbuster story of the night is that Bernie won 265 Electoral Votes, Trump 230, and Bloomberg 43, preventing anyone from getting the magical 270 needed to win.

Flash forward to January. The election goes into the House to decide. The do not vote in any of the top three. Instead they choose...Jeb Bush.

That bastard will find a way to sneak in anyway. I can totally see something like this happening. The Majority in the House would never support Trump in this situation. And there would be nothing we could do to stop this, such as suing to prevent it from happening. The establishment wins again, electing their own king.

Admit it, having Trump as House Speaker would be a ton of laughs

Why, you ask? The State of the Union of course! Just think about those faces he would make when Obama says something he disagrees with! No way would he be the statue that was there last week called Paul Ryan!

Martin O'Malley needs to drop out now and endorse Bernie Sanders

Apologies to the O'Malley fans, but to be blunt he can't win period. The latest CBS/NY Times national poll was Clinton 48, Sanders 41, and O'Malley 2. Nearly all his votes would go to Sanders, which is desperately needed in such a tight race.

Then there's the debates. Bernie's message would be much better projected if it were just one-on-one with Hillary. O'Malley seems to go after Bernie a lot more than Hillary in the debates.

Please, Martin O'Malley. Do the right thing and endorse Sanders!
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