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More coincidental Clinton email releases? (Hillary Group)

I guess on the eve of the South Carolina primary it is just a coincidence.

Pretty bland and innocuous, as usual.

The State Department is closing in on its goal to release all of former Secretary Hillary Clinton's private emails. Just before 6 p.m. tonight it published 881 of her emails, totaling 1,589 pages.


Of the emails posted today, 88 were upgraded to "confidential," which is a lowest level of classification.


In one of the emails released today, a former Marine and Iraq veteran sends a heartfelt and somewhat prescient email to Secretary Clinton after meeting with her and discussing the U.S troop withdrawal.


In another email, a senior U.S. diplomat mentions a conversation he had with Bob Bergdahl, father of then prisoner of war Sgt. Bowe Bergdahl. This diplomat says Bob was expressing anxiety about recent threats from Bowe's captors." I told him that [Bowe] is always on all of our minds," this official says he told Bob.


The next -- and final -- release is expected on the Monday evening before Super Tuesday, when presidential candidates compete for delegates in a dozen states.


Hillary in Birmingham Saturday, Feb. 27th!

Hillary Clinton Alabama campaign rally set for Saturday at Miles Gymnasium

Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign released further details Thursday about her Alabama campaign stop scheduled for Saturday. The former first lady and secretary of state is holding a get-out-the-vote rally at 12:45 p.m. Saturday at the Miles College Gymnasium in Fairfield.

The public can access tickets to Clinton's Alabama campaign stop here. Doors open at 11:45 a.m. CST. The gymnasium is located at 401 59th St. in Fairfield.

The campaign said Clinton "will lay out the case for why she is the best candidate to raise Alabamians' wages and incomes and break down the barriers that exist for too many families." She will presumably also mention Birmingham's decision to raise the minimum wage.

Just. One. More. Time. (Hillary Group)

Hillary Clinton Is One of the Most Ethical (and Most Lied About) Political Leaders in America

by self-described former DU blogger Peter Daou

Hillary’s detractors on the right, left and center reel off a laundry list of unsupported accusations with an air of absolute authority, as though it is simply a given that she is a terrible, horrible, no-good human being.

And that is precisely the intention: Taint her through innuendo and guilt-by-association, throw enough dirt at her that voters develop an instant negative association with her name. Accuse, accuse, accuse until the accusation becomes the reality, and may the truth be damned.

Karl Rove, the Koch brothers, and billionaire conservative moneymen like Paul Singer have spent inordinate sums to paint a malignant picture of Hillary, using sophisticated propaganda techniques to render her toxic to the American electorate.

Sadly, many on the left imbibe and regurgitate these fabricated narratives, spewing falsehoods and filth at Hillary with gleeful abandon. They are joined by mainstream media operatives with personal vendettas like Maureen Dowd and the Morning Joe crew, whose venomous words reveal more about their own failings than about Hillary.

Read the rest at: http://bluenationreview.com/hillary-clinton-is-one-of-the-most-ethical-and-most-lied-about-political-leaders-in-america/

Dan Savage says..."Get over it, dammit!"

From: Dan Savage tells LGBTQ folks angry with Hillary’s past marriage views to get over it, dammit!

Everyone knows that queer Seattle advice columnist and political pundit Dan Savage doesn’t mince words. And no words were minced in his new column in The Stranger telling LGBTQ folks opposed to Hillary Clinton because of her former opposition to gay marriage that they better get over it if they know what’s good for them.

“Hillary Clinton‘s support for marriage equality may be a political calculation,” he writes. “And you know what? We worked hard to change the math so that those political calculations would start adding up in our favor. So sincere change of heart or political calculation—either way—I will take it.”

Then he goes on to say that queer folks who withhold support for a progressive candidate like Clinton are hurting their own cause. “It’s fucking moronic—it’s political malpractice—to attack a politician for coming around on your issues,” he writes. “There are lots of other issues the queer community is going to be pressing politicians on, from passing equal rights bills and trans rights bills to defeating anti-trans bathroom legislation and RFRAs. If pols who are currently on the wrong side of any of those issues see no benefit to changing their positions—if they see no political benefit—they’re going to be harder to persuade. Why should they come around on our issues, why should they switch sides or change their votes, if we’re going to go after them hammer and tongs for the positions they used to hold?”

A rational argument for the positivity of "evolving" on issues!

Dan Savage still primarily supports BS, but his second choice is unreservedly Hillary!

Speech Transcripts: The Press Finds A New Hoop That Only Clinton Must Jump Through

Republicans Get A Pass

Source: Media Matters by Eric Boehlert

As journalists continue to press Hillary Clinton to release the transcripts from all the paid speeches she made as a private citizen, including those made to Wall Street powerhouse Goldman Sachs, it's helpful to keep in mind how unusual the request is. Reading the coverage you might think the transcript demand is routine for all candidates. (i.e. Why won't she just do it already?) But it's not the norm. In fact, it's the opposite of normal.

Once again separate rules have been created for Clinton, although the coverage and commentary on the transcript story is usually careful to leave that part out.

Clinton recently agreed to release the transcripts if all the other candidates would do the same. But the press has essentially brushed that aside, making plain they're only interested in hers. That, despite the fact some Republicans have given paid speeches while running for office.

There's obviously nothing wrong with asking Clinton about the speeches and the large sums of money she was paid for them. It's a legitimate campaign topic of inquiry and some voters might be turned off by the big paydays. But the idea that Clinton should suddenly be held to a new disclosure standard seems odd.

Read the whole thing at: http://mediamatters.org/blog/2016/02/12/speech-transcripts-the-press-finds-a-new-hoop-t/208557

CNN announces Democratic town hall (tonight's the night!)

Washington (CNN)—CNN announced it will host a Democratic town hall event in South Carolina on Tuesday from 8 p.m.-10 p.m. ET.

The event allows Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, who will take the stage first, and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who will appear last, the opportunity to answer questions from Palmetto State voters, who go to the polls on Saturday, February 27.

CNN's Chris Cuomo will moderate the event, which will be held on the University of South Carolina's campus.

The events will air live on CNN, CNN International and CNN en Español and be streamed live online on CNNgo.


Hillary’s Faith

Southern Democrats tend to be more socially conservative, and a lot of it has to do with 'matters of faith.'

As someone myself who has never received the gift of faith, I can appreciate a more secular humanistic interpretation of the Christian message from my Democratic candidates - and I really appreciate Hillary!


“Faith is just — it’s grace. It’s love. It’s mystery. It’s provocation. It is everything that makes life and its purpose meaningful as a human being. And those moments of grace are ones that I cherish.”


“Regardless of how hard the days are, how difficult the decisions are, be grateful. Be grateful for being a human being. Being part of the universe. Be grateful for your limitations. Know that you have to reach out to have more people be with you, to support you, advise you. Listen to your critics. Answer the questions. But at the end, be grateful. Practice the discipline of gratitude. And that has helped me enormously.”


“I think every one of us in those places near and close to home, in our own churches, our own work environments; we can roll up our sleeves and like those indomitable United Methodist Women before us, keep taking the social Gospel out into the world, even when our resources are meager— just 5 loaves and 2 fish ― even when the odds are long, a multitude to feed, even when we are tired and all we want to do is go away by ourselves to a secluded place and rest a while; even then, especially then. Let’s make it happen.”


“Let us pray that we will all continue to be our brothers’ and sisters’ keepers. Let us pray that amid our differences, we can continue to see the power of faith not only to make us whole as individuals, to provide personal salvation, but to make us a greater whole and a greater force for good on behalf of all creation. So let us do all the good we can, by all the means we can, in all the ways we can, in all the places we can, to all the people we can, as long as ever we can.”

Bernie Decides to Go Hard Negative (Hillary Group)

Desperation? Bernie Goes Hard Negative on Hillary’s Integrity (and thus Obama’s) by Peter Daou

You learn a lot about a candidate when they lose an election. Bernie’s campaign hit a wall in Nevada and after huddling with his campaign advisers (we assume) to determine his strategy going forward, he has come out swinging even harder at Hillary’s integrity.

Every time Bernie uses the Wall Street dog whistle, he’s indirectly smearing President Obama. Or, worse yet, he’s accusing a woman of doing something that he gives a man a pass for.

Make no mistake, Bernie’s campaign message and the behavior of his supporters have become less about something and more against someone. His path to victory runs right through Hillary’s integrity. It’s a deeply regrettable turn of events in an election where Bernie had initially vowed to stay positive and issue-driven.

Bernie is now presiding over a campaign and a contingent of supporters who are willing to treat Hillary more disdainfully than Karl Rove, the Koch brothers, and the GOP. Crossing that line is crossing to the dark side of politics. Surfing a wave of hate for one of the most admired and respected women on the planet is beneath him and beneath any true Democrat.

From Blue Nation Review!

Read it at The Lens of History: What Obama and Hillary Signify to Virginia McLaurin (B. 1910) and Ruline Steininger (B. 1914) by Susan Madrick

But this says it all!

When she was in high school, a woman only had two options for a career. “You could teach or be a nurse. I decided to teach,” she said. She got her degree and went on to teach for 24 years.

Now, the world holds so much more opportunity for women. But there’s still much work to do.

On election night, if Hillary Clinton is elected the first woman president of the United States, you will see women cry, hug, and dance in the streets. You might even dance yourself.

And one day, if you live long enough, you’ll tell your great-grandchildren all about it. They’ll roll their eyes and say, “You mean we never had a woman president before?” They’ll wonder what the big deal was.

Because by then, we hope, it will seem like ancient history.

John Oliver on "Breast Implants"

Not really.

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