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A response to your petition on Real Time:

From our inboxes!

Thanks to every one of you who signed the We the People petition asking the President to appear on Real Time with Bill Maher. With more than 320,000 signatures, Bill has once again demonstrated he knows how to inspire and motivate his viewers!

Plenty of us around here watch Real Time because we admire Bill's passion for spreading the science on climate change, asking tough questions about money in politics, and trying to burst "the bubble" where some of our politicians -- and too many of our nation’s critical political debates -- exist.

The President's communications team thinks strategically about scheduling presidential interviews, and we have made a concerted effort over the last couple of years to broaden the array of venues where the President appears -- from talking to young people about health care on "Between Two Ferns" and a post-State of the Union conversation with YouTube stars, to a CNN Town Hall on gun violence and an interview with Mic.com on the Iran deal. Consistent with this approach, we'll keep in mind Bill’s open invitation for a presidential appearance and give it the respectful consideration that Bill and his large audience deserve.

Thanks again for raising your voices (we know Bill always raises his). We hope you'll continue to use the platform to call on the Administration to address the policies and priorities you care about.

-- The We the People Team

P.S. Before we forget, happy belated 60th birthday, Bill! You haven't lost a step, and the gray hair makes you look, dare we say it, presidential. We hope our card didn't get lost in the mail.

I dread what will happen when America finally elects a woman president

Source: Washington Post opinion, by Alyssa Rosenberg

When Obama was running for president in 2008, his political opponents spread all sorts of racist memes to prevent him from gaining the presidency, from suggesting that his birth certificate had been falsified, to trying to tie him to former radical underground figures like Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dorhn, to insisting that he was an intellectual clone of his former pastor, Jeremiah Wright. Those attacks failed to keep Obama out of the highest office in the land. But if his inauguration was a moment of national self-congratulation, seeming proof that we had overcome the biases that have defined the United States since its inception, the subsequent reaction to Obama’s presidency proved that optimism wrong.

The first woman to be elected president of the United States seems likely to face a similar experience. Her victory at the polls and her inauguration would undeniably be symbolically significant. But that triumph and her tenure in office would also provoke a nasty wave of sexist response. As much as I will be proud to see a woman serve as president, I’ve also come to dread that time and the ugliness that will inevitably accompany it. I can’t wait to for those four or eight years to have come and gone.

For all the debates about Clinton’s qualifications for the presidency, which are considerable, there is a part of her résumé that is particularly relevant to this dilemma. More than any other woman in the United States, Clinton has experience absorbing tides of sexist trash and getting along with her work, whether she’s representing New York in the U.S. Senate, serving as secretary of state, or stumping on the campaign trail.

It’s true that being attacked doesn’t, in and of itself, make Clinton a virtuous person. And the decades of scurrilous attacks on the Clintons have left them less able to admit error than I might like. But even so, Clinton has had decades to learn how to withstand the attacks that will be aimed at the first female president, and to build relationships with other lawmakers, bureaucrats and foreign heads of state who now know her for herself.

Perhaps asking her to weather another four or eight years of viciousness is unfair. But Clinton appears to want the role. And if she wins it, she could spare another woman the very specific politics of personal destruction aimed at the first women and people of color to hold major roles in American public life.

Read the whole thing at: https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/act-four/wp/2016/02/17/i-dread-what-will-happen-when-america-finally-elects-a-woman-president/?wpmm=1&wpisrc=nl_headlines



Meet The Young Activist Doing Everything She Can To Change The...

Tonight - "Walking/Talking Dead" are back!

Also - tonight! - on HBO, "Vinyl" premiers, and John Oliver returns!

Why Sanders’ Win Is Good for Clinton

The socialist senator has been a saving grace for the Clinton campaign. Best to keep him around as long as possible.

Source: Politico Magazine by Howard Gutman

A positive perspective on an unexpected primary:

Bernie Sanders: Come on down. Please be careful not to trip on your way; Ms. Clinton needs you to go as far as you can toward Philadelphia.

You might have thought him an unlikely challenger: True, he is 74 years old and a socialist who openly proclaims that he is not so much running for president as starting a revolution. True, he likely could not have launched a political career in any city other than Burlington nor progressed in any state other than Vermont.

But, after all, more than 40 percent of the Democrats in Iowa claim to be socialists, and New Hampshire borders Vermont. The young, for their part, don’t know enough history to realize that Sanders has always been considered an asterisk in American politics. He is, moreover, a nice man and brings his own bundle of excitement wherever he goes.

Sanders is, in short, the perfect partner to convert Clinton’s lethargic game of solitaire into a spirited game of rummy. And while Sanders is not strong enough to divert all attention from Emailgate, he does make many voters focus from time to time on “the race” and “the issues” that the next president will have to deal with.

Read the article at: http://www.politico.com/magazine/story/2016/02/new-hampshire-bernie-sanders-hillary-clinton-213613#ixzz3zretghsj

Silver linings! (Hillary Group)

Digging into the exit polling from New Hampshire, key elements of what we have been arguing in support of Hillary remain true!

Registered Democrats voted 49-49% for Hillary.

For "the right experience" Hillary preferred 85-15%.

Nominee who "can win in November" Hillary preferred 79-19%.

To "continue Obama legacy" Hillary preferred 62-37%

We all recognize that Iowa and New Hampshire are demographic outliers in the big national picture. Tailor-made for an independent liberal run!

But now we go on to the Democratic Primaries, where these key elements that held will make all the difference!

Who Voted in New Hampshire, and How

Alabama: Team Clinton or Team Sanders?

The SEC Democratic Primary March 1st! An indication of where Alabama stands:


Source: al.com by Leada Gore

Team Hillary Clinton

Clinton has received $334,351 from Alabamians, the second highest amount behind only Republican Ben Carson.

•Mark Kennedy, former Alabama Supreme Court Judge - $2,700
•Joe Ritch, Huntsville attorney, chairman of the board of TVA - $2,700
•Joe Reed, Alabama Democratic Party - $1,500
•Constance Hill – CEO Girls Inc. of Central Alabama - $1,500
•Rep. Louise Alexander, Alabama House member - $1,000
•Daniel Robinson – Executive Director Alabama USDA Farm Service Agency - $1,000
•Jeffrey Bayer, president Bayer Properties , of Mountain Brook - $1,000
Janet Buskey, Montgomery County revenue Commissioner - $700
•Retired Huntsville Circuit Judge Laura Hamilton of Huntsville - $500 plus
•Poarch Band of Creek Indians - $500
•Judge Richard Meadows of Montgomery - $200

Delegates and committee

Clinton has a large campaign committee that includes a number of the state's most prominent Democrats. Many of those on the campaign committee are also pledged to Clinton as delegates. Her campaign committee includes:
•U.S. Rep Terri Swell (Sewell had officially endorsed Clinton.)
•State Sen. Linda Coleman
•State Sen. Vivian Davis Figures
•State Sen. Priscila Dunn
•House Democratic Caucus Chair Darrio Melton
•Birmingham Mayor William Bell
•Former Alabama Gov. Jim Folsom
•Former First Lady Marsha Folsom
•Former Congressman Earl Hilliard

Her delegates and committee members include:

•State Rep. James Buskey
•State Sen. Quinton Ross
•Tuskegee Mayor Johnny Ford
•Former State Sen. Roger Bedford
•Former Jefferson County Commissioner Sheila Smoot

Supporters help open Hillary Clinton's Birmingham campaign office

Team Bernie Sanders

Sanders, the Independent Senator from Vermont, has received $53,485 from Alabamians. His campaign has capitalized on small donors and a look at his contributors includes professors from universities across Alabama, including Samford University, Auburn University, UAB, University of Alabama and UAH.

Donations include:
•Brittany Howard of Athens, member of Alabama Shakes - $450

A political cartoon by J. D. Crowe - "A Special Place in Hell" (Please! Hillary has been depicted as Satan for the last 25 years! Just a freakin' Alabama cartoon - and a taste of things to come.)

There's a method to the madness!

Tonight it's MSNBC's turn.

Let's see if Senator Sander's (I-VT) gets more softballs - we know what Hillary will get!


According to Nielsen Fast National data, CNN’s New Hampshire Democratic Town Hall (9-11p) ranked #1 in cable news last night, topping Fox News and MSNBC in total viewers, adults 25-54, and adults 18-34. Moderated by Anderson Cooper, the Town Hall averaged 2.717 million total viewers. Fox News followed with 2.331 million and MSNBC trailed with 984k. Among adults 25-54, CNN (871k) outperformed the combined delivery of Fox News (486k) and MSNBC (243k). Among adults 18-34, CNN (391k) also outperformed the combined delivery of Fox News (104k) and MSNBC (41k).

Clinton Press Secretary Brian Fallon Warns Sanders Team Over ‘Bernie Bros’ Attacks

Today on "With All Due Respect" posted at Bloomberg.com/politics.


When 'the pundits' say only 'some' women like Hillary:

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