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Member since: Fri May 9, 2014, 12:04 PM
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IS to Declare Beginning of ‘Jihad Against America’


The Islamic State, formally the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, has yet to publish an official response to the US's military strikes against it in Iraq, but sources close to the IS announced on Twitter Friday that IS leader Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi will shortly be issuing an announcement declaring the beginning of "jihad against America."

"Pro-IS figures, on the other hand, began rallying over social media" immediately following President Obama's announcement Thursday night that he authorized air strikes against IS to protect US interests and minority Christians and other religious groups threatened by the savage jihadist organization, said the Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI), which monitors jihadist websites.

MEMRI said, “The Hashtag #Obama_announces_bombing_Islamic_State" (in Arabic) was used by pro-IS elements to respond to the announcement, and call to target American interests and people and to bring the war home.”

"Today is Mosul, tomorrow is Seattle," wrote one individual on Twitter.

Why do they always hate Seattle ?

'A message from ISIS to the US': Vows to blow up Embassies (WARNING-GRAPHIC)


Supporters of the ISIS terror group tweeted thousands of messages on Friday bearing the hashtag #AmessagefromISIStoUS featuring gruesome photos and threats to U.S. soldiers and citizens after American airstrikes took out terrorist targets in Iraq for the first time.

Some tweeted photos depict dead U.S. Army soldiers, U.S. marines hung from bridges in Fallujah, decapitated men, human heads on spikes, and the twin towers in flames on September 11, 2001.

'This is a message for every American citizen,' read one message sent with the hashtag. 'You are the target of every Muslim in the world wherever you are.'

Isis brings its war to Lebanon - and it could be key to a masterplan


After all the warnings and all the clichés about a war that would “spill” over Syria’s border, the savage fighters of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s Sunni Muslim “caliphate” have at last arrived in Lebanon.

So far, the Lebanese army has lost 13 of its soldiers in a costly battle with rebels to retake the north-eastern Sunni town of Arsal – on the Syrian border and hitherto a resupply base for Islamists trying to overthrow President Bashar al-Assad – while the conflict has generated the same gruesome events which followed Islamist victories in Iraq and Syria: reports of civilian executions, government soldiers taken hostage, at least 12 civilians confirmed dead, including five children, and the prospect of long and bloody fighting ahead.

The world’s attention, of course, has been concentrated on the slaughter in Gaza. In the Middle East, tragedy must come one day at a time, so the Syrian civil war and the Isis takeover of western Iraq continued in the shadows of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. But the Islamists’ arrival in Lebanon and the prospect of a mini-civil war around Arsal – and perhaps as far as Tripoli – could have repercussions far graver than the Gaza war. As Islamists take over Lake Mosul and other districts from the Kurds in northern Iraq and press harder against Syrian government troops, their extension into Lebanon marks their furthest progress yet from the Tigris towards the Mediterranean. In Arsal, the fighters – officially from el-Nusra, whose own members are already joining those of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi’s caliphate – adopted their usual practice of seizing large buildings in the centre of the town (in this case, the technical college, a hospital and a mosque) and clinging to them in the hope that their opponents would disintegrate. The Lebanese army, which has twice defeated Islamist rebellions inside Lebanon in the past 15 years, claimed to have retaken the college, but the statements from both the Lebanese commander and Prime Minister may be taken as accurate: that the takeover of Arsal had been planned long in advance and is part of a far greater rebel strategy.

British jihadi fighting with Isis stands in front of beheaded man

Shocking moment British jihadi fighting with Isis in Syria and Iraq stands in front of beheaded man and boasts 'it's what people want to see'

A British ISIS fighter poses gleefully in front of a decapitated soldier strung up and murdered in Syria.

Abu Abdullah Al-Habashi, 20, who fled the UK for the Middle East nine months ago, has 'no sympathy' for the executed man and said 'people love to see heads on spikes'.

The Muslim convert is among the hundreds of people who have fled to UK to fight in ISIS and says 'there is no going back'.

Up to 500 British Muslims are believed to be in the region with as many as half joining forces with ISIS, a group known for its extreme violence, including crucifying and beheading its enemies.

Justifying the gruesome photo the British citizen originally from Eritrea told BBC's Newsnight: 'People love to see heads on spikes. I feel no sympathy for them because they are all enemies of Allah.


I was going to post picture but I thought better of it.

Hamas fires rocket at Israel from populated residential area


UN Wants Israel to Share Iron Dome with Hamas


As the IDF marches toward its 26th day of Operation Protective Edge–with 63 soldiers killed, one kidnapped, and hundreds of civilian casualties in Gaza–news out of the Middle East is pretty depressing.

Fortunately, our friends at the United Nations have released a statement that is so absurd, it has to be laughed at.

Here’s the setup for the joke: Israel spent years developing a sophisticated platform for destroying missiles being sent into its borders by the thousands, a system unlike any other the world has ever seen, crafted solely from Israeli ingenuity. The US, recognizing the necessity of a secure, free democracy in the Middle East, has likewise spent hundreds of millions of dollars helping bring the project to fruition.

The punchline: Israel should share this system with Hamas.

I didn't receive ...it was posted.


I will forget it.

You may want to argue with Ban ki Moon.

You really need to go to gaza.
Hamas will really appreciate it.

I Stand With Israel


For a variety of reasons I'm not much of a religious person and never have been. So everything I have to say today comes more from a common sense point of view than from a religious perspective.

First and foremost and whether the haters of the world like it or not Israel has a right to exist.

Furthermore they have the right (morally as well as legally) to defend themselves from those who seek to deny them that right.

And as hard as it is to imagine, there are those who'll no doubt disagree.

Just for the fun of it let's say you're the leader of a country completely surrounded by terrorist organizations armed to the teeth by Iran and other terror sponsoring countries who have vowed to wipe you and your people off the face of the earth.

What would you do?

Caption this picture..

" Yes Vlad, I do it on my thumb"
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