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asiliveandbreathe's Journal
asiliveandbreathe's Journal
May 25, 2019

I support your sentiments 100% - I will try to make a long story short from meeting

the wife of one of my hubby's golfing friend last night-

Friendly enough on our back patio - she is from TX...small talk, getting to know you kinda chit chat..then she goes into a story about her friend, who's husband is carrying on a tryst at the CC (Country Club..of which I have ZERO interest in)..

She tells me she confronted the little twit in the lady's room..and how everyone at the CC knows about their affair...she is telling me ALL this...(oh, and the little twit went around saying this gal from TX hit her, not true).. okay..they get ready to go..hand shake, hug, and then she says - "I'm for trump" - clearly she did not expect my reaction - SHE JUST MET ME - WTF..

I took her story of confrontation in the lady's room, and invited her to join me in my lady's room..just she and I, and we can have a little chat..AND I told her I wouldn't hit her...I was emphatic, but moderate in tone...kinda like guys do, let's take this outside..but, with a smile on my face..flustered, she was...

Walking out to their golf cart in our driveway..she took a swipe at the eight years of Obama...REALLY???walking away????? I got the last word as they drove off...I said " get used to it", remember this name", and I threw out my choice for Dem Prez... and said "by now"...this all transpired within 2 minutes walking out..tops…..

I told my husband, (we have agreed to NOT talk politics with HIS friends), because he was thinking I started it, I said, "she started it"....my motto has always been - I won't start it, but, I sure as hell will finish it....boom.....he said now that I know what happened...good on you girl....the kicker..SHE KNOWS hubby is a DEM....he said I will take care of it at the CC..I told him I can fight my own political battles...with a smile.....

May 9, 2019

Totally agree..I said yesterday, I wish I could just call the pentagon and tell them to stand down..

2 brothers Viet Nam, and my son, Ret. Navy Chief, 21 years...he said he would NOT put a uniform on for this pos.....he was in the gulf at the beginning of the shit show, shock and awe bs....more military need to step up and sound off...

At least some in congress recognize the need for legislation on the war front...

May 9, 2019



Pompeo, the Secretary of State is suggesting that Trump already has permission from Congress to go to war.

Fortunately, a bipartisan group of senators and representatives are taking steps to prevent an unauthorized war. Sens. Tom Udall (NM), Rand Paul (KY) and Richard Durbin (IL), and Reps. Anna Eshoo (CA-18) and Mike Thompson (CA-5), recently introduced the “Prevention of Unconstitutional War with Iran Act of 2019” (S. 1039/H.R. 2354). These bills would ban funding for a U.S. military attack against Iran without specific, prior authorization from Congress. The legislation would thus assert the constitutional authority of Congress to determine if and when the U.S. goes to war.
May 8, 2019

Forbes republishes 1990 investigation of Trump's wealth

This article is lengthy...as well, another article why Forbes took the pos off Forbes 400 most wealthy during his decade of tax losses...


The Forbes piece from 1990 estimated Trump "bleeding at the rate of at least $40 million a year."


Leaning on nonpublic documents, Forbes writers Richard L. Stern and John Connolly identified the same sort of profitability problems that are still making headlines 29 years later.

May 8, 2019

Chairman Nadler is sooo ready..from his home page...the timeline at the link - enough...

“Tonight, in the middle of good faith negotiations with the Attorney General, the Department abruptly announced that it would instead ask President Trump to invoke executive privilege on all of the materials subject to our subpoena. This is, of course, not how executive privilege works. The White House waived these privileges long ago, and the Department seemed open to sharing these materials with us earlier today. The Department’s legal arguments are without credibility, merit, or legal or factual basis.


I read this last night at DU, and have posted elsewhere..didn't want it to get lost......

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