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asiliveandbreathe's Journal
asiliveandbreathe's Journal
July 16, 2021

Loved the rain..but at about 5:10pm..I got a text from my son 65 miles West..

"batten down the hatches"..I looked out was enjoying looking at the rain..and all of a sudden..I saw wind swept rain coming in from the WNW..across the 1st fairway..I honestly thought the windows on the north side were going to break..all is well here, but our neighbors 2 doors up lost their roof..

When all was said and done, we tooled around our neighborhood..OMG..roof.. 1/2 a house on the street (56th)..patio roof and patio damage to many neighbors homes....seems whatever it was tore through, smashing and crashing..even some of our beautiful very old pines..down..Falcon Field just to our west..planes suffered major damage..

Channel 3 and hovering copters for the news.. this huge pine..right out back on the course..

Stay safe all..monsoon is here!!! NO, I am not complaining..everyone is okay, and we needed the rain..update..just how the Washington Palms stay upright is beyond me..

July 11, 2021

WHAT?. LOL...oh, okay...I liken crazy to aggressively defensive...my office was 50 miles

From home,always..whether it was Brockton, Cambridge, Hyannis (90 miles), or Prov. RI...120,000 miles in 6 months one year...two foot driver, oh, the horror,..made 1 run to RI in 35minutes....all those years 78 to 94...for me, kinda hard to NOT be a good drver..no accidents, jjust 1 ticket coming off the cape..

Funny story..the trap cop had so many pulled over by the time he waved me over, he then waved me on...I thought it was my car and good looks...nope, Saturday morning, knock knock, local cop..hands me a ticket for Over speeding..I asked local (small town) cop..what is over speeding?...don't remember how fast clocked...I knew local cop, he was great keeping teens out of trouble...

Cut chops on 495, 95, Mass Pike....must have been training for driving in AZ....bad bad bad...I still love driving, still two footed, only difference now..I wear a seat belt....

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