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A NASA space probe is about to snap pictures of a mystery object beyond Pluto

This is just so cool............................. .

19 times Mike Pence made a complete fool of himself for Trump this year

By Oliver Willis - December 27, 2018

Mike Pence cemented his position of being a ridiculous joke in service of Trump for nearly all of 2018.

Mike Pence’s subservient role within the Trump administration saw him making a fool of himself, loud and proud, in front of the world.

Pence spent the year demonstrating how incompetent the Trump team is by attacking Trump’s perceived enemies, making excuses for Trump, and humiliating himself and his position. All for Trump.


And him sitting in the oval office hands on his knees, when Pelosi and Schumer were there, taking down the traitor and giving him a schooling on what is going to happen to both of them in 2019 and him just sitting there like lump on a log.....................

The best photographs of 2018 - and the stories behind them


High school to skip events officiated by referee who told wrestler to cut hair

A New Jersey school district says its wrestling team will no longer compete in events officiated by a referee who told a wrestler to lose his dreadlocks or forfeit his bout.

The announcement came during an emergency meeting held Wednesday with the Buena Regional school board and members of the community. The groups that assign referees have already said they wouldn’t assign the ref until further notice.

Buena Regional High School wrestler Andrew Johnson had his dreadlocks cut minutes before his match on 19 December.

Johnson, who is black, had a cover over his hair, but referee Alan Maloney, who is white, said that wouldn’t be sufficient. Maloney didn’t respond to requests for comment.

WCAU-TV reports the high school’s wrestling coach and athletic trainer discussed the incident with board members behind closed doors Wednesday.

The decision came days after a lawyer for Johnson suggested the impromptu hair cut was due in part to the referee’s tardiness.



In the statement issued Monday, Johnson’s parents also thanked those who have shown support for their son.

“Andrew has been deeply moved by the thunderous outpouring of unsolicited support – including from an Olympic wrestler, leading civil rights advocates and elected officials – after the shocking pre-match ultimatum,” the statement said.

“Wrestling has taught Andrew to be resilient in the face of adversity. As we move forward, we are comforted by both the strength of Andrew’s character and the support he’s received from the community. We will do all that we can to make sure that no student-athlete is forced to endure what Andrew experienced.”

Let me say that I wrestled when I was in high school, it really is one of the most challenging sports there is, and for a referee to take it out of this young man because he was possibly late..........................

A kick in the stomach': massive GM layoffs leave workers distraught - and angry

Lordstown, Ohio, was defined by its General Motors plant. Now workers say job cuts threaten the lives they’ve built

There’s a sign outside the General Motors assembly plant in Lordstown, Ohio, that reads: “GM, We Invested in You. Now It’s Your Turn to Invest in US.”

Ever since the US’s largest car company’s immense assembly plant opened here 52 years ago, it has dominated this blue-collar town. Now GM workers here are furious that the automaker plans to idle – and perhaps permanently close – the plant.

GM stunned its workforce on 26 November, the Monday after Thanksgiving, by announcing it would cut roughly 14,000 jobs and idle five factories in North America, including the Lordstown plant, which employs 1,600 workers. One factor stoking the workers’ ire is that GM’s move came after American taxpayers rescued it from bankruptcy with a $49.5bn federal bailout in 2009.

While some have blamed Trump policies for the closure, or at least for his inability to stop them, it’s the company that workers hold most responsible.

“Their announcement was really a kick in the stomach,” said Danny Adams, who has worked at the plant since 1996. “It’s not woe is me. It’s woe is us.”



Many workers suspect that GM announced that it was leaving Lordstown “unallocated” rather than closing it outright in order to pressure the UAW to grant some concessions in next year’s contract negotiations to help persuade GM to keep the plant open.

If that’s GM’s tactic, Adams isn’t buying it. “That’s 100% union-busting,” he said. “They’re just trying to make us beg.”

While the workers feel anger, they also feel a lot of pride. They’re proud that the Cruze and the high marks it received helped restore GM’s reputation after the 2009 bankruptcy. “When we heard the news in November, we went right back to our jobs,” Allein said. “We give 100%. We didn’t give up. I don’t think anybody is ready to give up. No one wants to believe that this is it for Lordstown.”

Ivanka and Jared caught vacationing after shutdown cancels time off for federal employees

26 DEC 2018 AT 13:03 ET

Presidential advisers Jared Kushner and Ivanka Trump have faced criticism for taking a beach vacation during the shutdown of the federal government, reports Yahoo News.

Although their typically active social media accounts have been uncharacteristically quiet about their holiday plans, the president’s daughter and her husband are sunning themselves at Mar-a-Lago.

Federal employees who are not subject to furlough are required to work during a government shutdown. There is a “no exceptions” rule which required non-furloughed federal employees to cancel their vacations and show up to work on Wednesday.

“Employees who aren’t furloughed during a shutdown can’t take any time off for vacation, illness or religious obligations, according to the government’s Office of Personnel Management rules,” Bloomberg reported. “Effectively, this means that employees who were planning to take time off between the Christmas and New Year’s holidays have to cancel their plans.”

However, as Yahoo noted, the president’s daughter and her husband, who are employed as advisers to him, appear to have been exempted.


“While countless people are taking time off from work for the holiday, the couple are facing scrutiny because their government jobs should require them to be working back in D.C.,” writes Yahoo. “Kushner in particular was reportedly involved in negotiations to resolve the shutdown over funding for Trump’s proposed border wall.”

Instead, Ivanka was spotted out for a jog with Secret Service protection. Jared was spotted walking around in the Florida sun in flip-flops.

Infamous gun nut spends Christmas shooting up a 'Happy Holidays' sign -- and gets hilariously mocked

26 DEC 2018 AT 12:54 ET

Kaitlin Bennett, the notorious gun nut who claimed she was discriminated against because Kent State University wouldn’t let her openly carry her AR-10 rifle on campus, spent her Christmas this year doing the opposite of spreading good cheer.

On Christmas Day, Bennett posted a video of herself firing a rifle at a sign that read “Happy Holidays” as a way to attack people who refused to say, “Merry Christmas.”

“It’s not ‘Happy Holidays,’ it’s ‘Merry Christmas’!” she announces before firing multiple shots at the sign. “Quit being a bunch of PC pansies!”


And lets remember she has a fucking gun..........................that's what is really scary................

Rick Santorum: Obama 'strangled the economy' with 7 years of economic growth

26 DEC 2018 AT 09:44 ET

Republican strategist Rick Santorum asserted on Wednesday that former President Barack Obama had “strangled the economy,” which grew seven of the eight years he was in office.

During an interview on CNN’s New Day, Santorum sympathized with President Donald Trump’s frustration at the Federal Reserve for raising interest rates.

“I know it’s frustrating to him to see the Fed prop up the Obama economy for eight years at zero interest rates as Obama’s tax and regulatory policies strangled the American economy,” Santorum complained. “And as soon as Trump comes in and un-strangles the economy, well the Fed comes in and tries to tighten it.”

“It looks like under Obama, the Fed was all for propping up this big socialist gambit that Obama was pushing,” the former GOP senator continued. “And now that we have a strong market-based president, it seems like the Fed is doing everything they can to constrain growth.”


First and foremost idiot, if you were so smart, why don't you have your own web page................I forgot someone else owns your name rights ...................... .....................so you failed economics 101

Second and this critical..................ever hear of inflation, and stagnation, and deflation....................

Which one do you think we are in......................I think we are in for deflation..................look it up, jerk, in fact I copied and pasted what it means, .....................


CNN panel goes off the rails as Trump defender says the Fed should obey Trump's whim

26 DEC 2018 AT 12:06 ET

The stock market has had a rough December, giving back all of its gains for the year and dipping into the so-called “Trump bump” that followed from Trump’s tax cuts for wealthy Americans and his repeal of regulations.

On Wednesday, CNN host Kate Bolduan discussed the developments with Financial Times journalist Rana Foroohar and former Trump economic adviser Stephen Moore.

“There are a few things going on,” she said. “Some of them we knew were going to happen. Recovery cycles tend to last about 10 years. A lot of economists were predicting a slow down a year ago at about this time. It’s not really a surprise. There are a couple of things that have happened. The president has come and really rattled the market with tariffs and trade war against China. We had a tax plan… that basically enriched companies, allowed allowed companies to bolster share prices but didn’t do anything for normal people. All of that is coming home to roost. We have record amounts of corporate debt which is a reason the fed wants to raise rates now. Markets are out of sync with the economy. You need to not have such a big divergence between Wall Street and main street.”

Moore said that the China trade war was the real problem, and that he expects the problems will all go away.


I can't wait for this Moore "person" to be called into a congressional hearing...................

January 3, 2019 cannot get here fast enough.......................


Border Wall: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) ....................Revisted March 20, 2016

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