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Member since: Fri May 30, 2014, 03:30 PM
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The True Cost of Gun Violence in America..............Mother Jones / April 15, 2015

The True Cost of Gun Violence in America..............Mother Jones / April 15, 2015

Hey Kingston since you were out "tweeting" this Sunday with your bullshit and was given a platform to spew your bulls hit on CNN, what say you about this informational fact on the cost s of health care that everyone is footing because of your kin ship to the gun manufacturers and the NRA..................FUCK YOU

November 2018 cannot get here fast enough

The True Cost of Gun Violence in America..............Mother Jones / April 15, 2015

It was a mild, crystal clear desert evening on November 15, 2004, when Jennifer Longdon and her fiance, David Rueckert, closed up his martial-arts studio and headed out to grab some carnitas tortas from a nearby taqueria. They were joking and chatting about wedding plans—the local Japanese garden seemed perfect—as Rueckert turned their pickup into the parking lot of a strip mall in suburban north Phoenix. A red truck with oversize tires and tinted windows sideswiped theirs, and as they stopped to get out, Rueckert’s window exploded. He told Longdon to get down and reached for the handgun he had inside a cooler on the cab floor. As he threw the truck into gear, there were two more shots. His words turned to gibberish and he slumped forward, his foot on the gas. A bullet hit Longdon’s back like a bolt of lightning, her whole body a live wire as they accelerated toward the row of palm trees in the concrete divider.

The air bag against her was stifling, the inside of the cab hot. She managed to call 911. “Where are you shot on your body?” the dispatcher asked. “I don’t know, I cannot move. I can’t breathe anymore. Somebody help me,” she pleaded. “I’m dying.”

There was a rush of cool air, and a man leaning over her. Then a flood of bright lights. “Am I being medevacked?” she asked. “Those are news vultures,” the EMT told her. He shielded her face with his hand as they rushed the gurney into the ambulance. She couldn’t stop thinking of her 12-year-old. “Tell my son I love him,” she said.


Maybe Jack Kingston the moderator working on CNN should get his facts straight since he prancing around like some full blown right wing racists condensing dickhead speaking about the current school violence at Parkland, Florida being some "left wing conspiracy egging young men and woman on..................Fuck him, in 2015 this country spent over 229 Billion, yes 229 Billion on health care related costs for guns violence

Kingston: Dems coached shooting survivors

You racist condescending fucking asshole-------FUCK YOU Kingston

Ex-GOP lawmaker suggests 'left-wing groups' are coaching Fla. shooting survivors

Source: The Hill

Former Rep. Jack Kingston (R-Ga.) suggested that the survivors of last week's shooting at a high school in Florida are being coached on their activism by left-wing groups.

Kingston, who served on Trump's campaign, was asked on CNN whether he thinks the students who survived the shooting are acting of their own volition in their calls for gun control.

"I think it's a horrible tragedy, and I am heartbroken that young people have gone through this, and I hope that it never happens again," he said during an interview on CNN.

"I also know that their sorrow can very easily be hijacked by left-wing groups who have an agenda. ... Do we really think 17-year-olds, on their own, are going to plan a nationwide rally?"
He said advocacy groups often spring into action after news events.

Read more: http://thehill.com/homenews/media/374605-ex-gop-lawmaker-suggests-florida-shooting-survivors-being-coached-by-left-wing

First and foremost FUCK YOU Kingston

Second, to absolutely say that these young men and woman ..............quote:

"Kingston said he doesn't doubt the sincerity of the children, adding that he knows they are heartbroken by what occurred.

But Kingston said the teens "probably do not have the logistical ability to plan a nationwide rally without it being hijacked by groups that already had the preexisting anti-gun agenda."

Third to say this------------quote:

"I also know that their sorrow can very easily be hijacked by left-wing groups who have an agenda. ... Do we really think 17-year-old's, on their own, are going to plan a nationwide rally?"


Kingston, I protested against the Vietnam War, when I was seventeen..............asshole, because I knew I was going to be fodder for war pigs, I couldn't vote, but I could get my ass shipped to a fucking war...............

You on the other hand was on the campaign committee to elect a fucking draft dodger, you were also on that fucking campaign committee during the Russian shit, and you were on a campaign and possibly know of the Russian shit...................

My question is, why are you being paid to be fucking commentator on CNN, you should be fucking fired asshole. In fact maybe a petition to have you removed in that position is appropriate, you are being a given a platform to spew your vile worthless shit, because that what it is SHIT ..........................

Buy bitcoin with credit cards? Big banks say 'no',why not say no to gun sales for with credit cards

Barclays in U.S. set to join cryptocurrency credit card ban: report

LONDON (Reuters) - Barclays is likely to follow other major lenders in the United States in stopping customers from buying Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies with its credit cards, according to an interview with a senior executive at its credit card unit.

“We are making the decision that we will likely no[t] allow cryptocurrency purchases on the card,” Paul Wilmore, managing director at Barclaycard, told Bank Innovation blog.

A spokeswoman for Barclays in London said that the bank is reviewing its policy on a country-by-country basis and that it had not yet changed its policy.

Barclaycard is one of the biggest credit card providers in both Britain and the U.S. that is yet to formally announce a ban on card purchases of digital currencies.

Lloyds Banking Group Plc, which issues just over a quarter of all credit cards in Britain, and Virgin Money announced such a ban last week, following the lead of JP Morgan Chase & Co and Citigroup.


Election Security a High Priority Until It Comes to Paying for New Voting Machines

by Kate Rabinowitz Feb. 20, 5 a.m. EST

When poll workers arrived at 6 a.m. to open the voting location in Allentown, New Jersey, for last November’s gubernatorial election, they found that none of the borough’s four voting machines were working. Their replacements, which were delivered about four hours later, also failed. Voters had to cast their ballots on paper, which then were counted by hand.

Machine malfunctions are a regular feature of American elections. Even as worries over cybersecurity and election interference loom, many local jurisdictions depend on aging voting equipment based on frequently obsolete and sometimes insecure technology. And the counties and states that fund elections have dragged their heels on providing the money to buy new equipment.

A ProPublica analysis of voting machines found that over two-thirds of counties in America used machines for the 2016 election that are over a decade old. In most jurisdictions, the same equipment will be used in the 2018 election. In a recent nationwide survey by the Brennan Center for Justice, election officials in 33 states reported needing to replace their voting equipment by 2020. Officials complain the machines are difficult to maintain and susceptible to crashes and failure, problems that lead to long lines and other impediments in voting and, they fear, a sense among voters that the system itself is untrustworthy.


Bernstein: Who Were The Racists At The Blackhawks Game?

By Dan Bernstein–
670TheScore.com senior columnist

(670 The Score) I’m not the first to call for this, but I’m here to support the idea.

My colleague Steve Rosenbloom of 670 The Score and the Chicago Tribune on Monday requested that we learn the names of the four cretins who taunted Capitals forward Devante Smith-Pelly with racist invective Saturday, leading to their ejection from the United Center.

As Smith-Pelly sat in the penalty box, these pieces of human waste nearby shouted “Basketball, basketball, basketball” at him, in no uncertain reference to the fact that he’s black. He confronted them immediately, and they were identified and summarily tossed.

It’s not enough, for multiple reasons.


Gorsuch deciding vote in key labor union funding case

WASHINGTON (AP) — America’s union leaders are about to find out if they were right to fiercely oppose Neil Gorsuch’s nomination to the Supreme Court as a pivotal, potentially devastating vote against organized labor.

The newest justice holds the deciding vote in a case to be argued Feb. 26 that could affect the financial viability of unions that are major supporters of Democratic candidates and causes. The unions represent more than 5 million government workers in 24 states and the District of Columbia who could be affected by the outcome. The other eight justices split 4 to 4 when the issue was last at the court in 2016.

The court is being asked to jettison a 41-year-old ruling that allows states to require government employees who don’t want to be union members to pay for their share of activities the union undertakes on behalf of all workers, not just its members. These so-called fair share fees cover the costs of collective bargaining and grievance procedures to deal with workplace complaints.

Employees who don’t join the union do not have to pay for the unions’ political activities.

Conservative anti-union interests are backing an Illinois government employee who says that being forced to pay anything at all violates his First Amendment speech rights.


“I’m not against unions,” said the employee, 65-year-old Mark Janus, who is represented by American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees Council 31. “I don’t oppose the right of workers to organize. But the right to say no to unions is just as important as the right to say yes.” He said he opposes his union’s fight for wage and benefit increases when the state is “in pretty terrible financial condition right now.”

Hey Janus, you signed your name to the card to have dues taken out and to be represented by your peers, did you or did you not?

That is what is called majority rule, and that is what unions are all about...........................majority rule

And This supreme court Judge , that was confirmed illegally in my opinion, Gorsuch and is illegitimate sitting on the bench, said it was alright for a company to tell an employee that if he left his truck in the freezing cold he would be fired, even if he where to freeze to death in the cab of that truck, he should not leave the truck....................I really do hate fucking scab supporting hypocrites.........................

Northern California wildfire victims learn your insurance company is not your friend

SANTA ROSA — Four months after a ferocious firestorm devastated communities in California’s wine country, those who lost their homes are still struggling.

Animal feeding stations remain on roadsides, monitored by volunteers searching for pets left behind when their owners fled. Cats that had been feared dead continue to be found.

Signs are everywhere, advertising the services of contractors, engineers, debris removers and lawyers. Many burned homes have yet to be cleared.

The shock and horror of the early days have given way to lingering grief and agony over whether to rebuild or move on. But the most perplexing and time-consuming matter for victims has been insurance.

More than 8,000 homes and other buildings were lost in the fires that swept through Napa, Sonoma and Mendocino counties. Forty-four people died. Because of failed communications, some residents had only minutes to escape.

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