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Member since: Fri May 30, 2014, 03:30 PM
Number of posts: 17,098

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The new republican song for the Gorsuch "Filibuster" by Senate Democratic Party

This right wing fascist republican "guy" can't go back in Time with his double standard of BS

It's about "RULES" of the Constitution jerk, you just can't make up your own rules, and your ilk is trying to "normalize" this stuff not happening, not on this watch.

You just can't make this "stuff" up

Why wasn't the Bank of Cyprus discussed Jake, I watched someone that did!

This how a gerrymandered hypocrite says about Health Care, he is a Death panel

I would / will come in testify ass**** and tell you how Medicare for all is the only way to compete against for profit health insurance--------------the cost numbers prove that FACT and not your BS of talking points

The Turtle laughs during this interview, this traitor, forgot the Constitution

the simple Principles of the Constitution and we are "NOT" your friend asshole remember that fact

And this "Doctor" does represent Maryland's 1st District what a jerk

A Freedom Caucus Club for Growth jerk

Your going to get primaried jerk from our small donations

Congressman Chris Stewart Town Hall didn't go well

Kansas Senate approves KanCare expansion, sends bill to Gov. Brownback

Kansas Governor Vetoes Expansion To Medicaid

and just think he has his red hat in his hand

And has a added bonus just look at how the media covered this issue in Kansas


Fractured Fairy Tales take it from here if you wish

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