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WATCH: Trump supporter tells her daughters boys groping girls is 'no big deal'

26 SEP 2018 AT 15:40 ET

As lawmakers and reporters reeled over the latest accusations against Brett Kavanaugh, there’s little consensus about what can and should be believed and what any of it means for his confirmation. Donald Trump today doubled down on his stance that the accusations are a “con game” by Democrats bent on sabotaging an innocent man, even as more accusations that he engaged in sexual misconduct piled up.

A woman Trump supporter from Bozeman, Montana, interviewed by MSNBC yesterday thinks the initial accusation by Christine Blasey Ford is no big deal, even if events occurred as Dr. Ford has described them.

“Groping a woman? At 18?” she says incredulously. “I mean how many guys do you know who think that’s no big deal?” she asked her young daughters, who nodded affirmatively. “It’s not a big deal,” the woman continued.

“If he was pro-abortion, the liberals wouldn’t be fighting this hard,” she concluded


Do you really think lady that if someone was "groping" your daughters and they came home, and told you about it, you would sit across from them and tell them exactly what rape is all about and that its just fine and dandy.................. .................... or do you have any idea on what the word NO really means .................apparently not, .........................but you will somehow construe in your mind that it is a "liberal" thing..........did your parents teach you on what NO means, because they apparently failed ............here is the definition of what NO means................................

no adverb
Definition of No (Entry 1 of 6)
1a chiefly Scotland : NOT
b —used as a function word to express the negative of an alternative choice or possibility
shall we go out to dinner or no

2 : in no respect or degree —used in comparisons you're no better than the rest of us

3 : not so —used to express negation, dissent, denial, or refusal no, I'm not going

4 —used with a following adjective to imply a meaning expressed by the opposite positive statement
in no uncertain terms

5 —used as a function word to emphasize a following negative or to introduce a more emphatic, explicit, or comprehensive statement
it's big, no, it's gigantic

6 —used as an interjection to express surprise, doubt, or incredulity

7 —used in combination with a verb to form a compound adjective no-bake pie

8 : in negation shook his head no

And to top it all off, you think that this is just fine and dandy........................

GOP congressman: Sexual assault shouldn't keep you off Supreme Court

By Oliver Willis - September 25, 2018

Rep. Kevin Cramer said a charge of sexual assault should not disqualify a nominee for the Supreme Court.

Rep. Kevin Cramer (R-ND) said that if a Supreme Court nominee like Brett Kavanaugh was guilty of the sexual assault he is accused of, it should not disqualify him from a seat on the highest federal court in the U.S.

Cramer’s comments reflect the dominant drive among his fellow Republicans — to seat Kavanaugh no matter what he’s done in the past.

Kavanaugh has been accused of sexual assault by two of his former classmates, Deborah Ramirez and Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.

In a television interview, Cramer argued that, even if the allegations were decisively proven, Kavanaugh should still be seated and given the power to affect millions of lives for generations.


Hey North Dakota........................is this your principles........................or your values....................because you elected this asshole.......................this libertarian right wing POS , who is just as narcissistic and lacking in empathy as that orange fucking traitor, and should be in straight jacket in the next cell...................unfucking believable....................

Devin Nunes thinks Trump is part of a conspiracy -- against Trump

By Tommy Christopher - September 26, 2018

The deep state, for lack of a better term, got to him,' Nunes said.

Devin Nunes has never allowed the truth to stand in the way of his quest to undermine the FBI’s Russia investigation — but Nunes outdid himself this week by claiming that the “deep state” conspiracy against Trump has somehow also enlisted Trump himself.

During an interview on Monday, radio host Trevor Carey asked Nunes why a cache of documents that Trump ordered declassified and released last week hasn’t come out yet.

Nunes has been pushing Trump to order these documents released — despite strong objections from the Department of Justice that doing so would undermine national security — because Nunes claims the documents would somehow prove the FBI was biased against Trump.

“What is the hold up? I thought we were going to see that this week?” Carey asked of the document release.

Nunes responded that Trump “was very clear on Monday” when he ordered the documents to be released last week.


You just cannot make this shit up........................this fucking enabling traitor, and his boss in the white house really do drink the kool aid, and the radio announcer, should have asked, -----------------do you think what you just said about the DOJ should be treated as treason, because you know it could get people killed, nope, this Carey person, doesn't give one rats ass or iota about intelligence and people that are putting there lives on the line to help him have a right to speak ....................nope, didn't even cross his right wing libertarian mind, and as for Nunes, or numb nuts ..............he can go FUCK himself....................



Trump says GOP smearing assault victim shows how 'respectful' they are

By Kaili Joy Gray - September 26, 2018

This is not what respect looks like.

The Republican Party has been waging a despicable smear campaign against Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, the woman who says Brett Kavanaugh tried to rape her when they were in high school.

But to Trump, the ugly attacks on Ford are a great sign of respect. Not that Trump — who has admitted to sexually assaulting women and even suggested “Second Amendment people” could stop Hillary Clinton from making judicial appointments if she became president — has any idea what respect for women looks like.

“I think the Senate Republicans couldn’t be nicer in the way they’re handling this,” Trump told reporters Wednesday. “They could have pushed it through two and a half weeks ago and you would not be talking about it now, which is frankly what I would have preferred.”

That, unsurprisingly, contradicts what Trump has been claiming since Ford went public with her very credible allegation against Kavanaugh. He, like Senate Republicans, have said they want Ford to have the opportunity to tell her story.



Republicans have handled the entire matter with a grotesque lack of respect.

They have made it perfectly clear that they do not take sexual assault seriously. Several Republicans in Congress — including Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch, a member of the Judiciary Committee — have said that even if the allegations are true, they don’t care. They are OK with putting an attempted rapist on the Supreme Court.

There is nothing respectful — to the women who say Kavanaugh assaulted them, certainly, or to all of the women in this country who have survived sexual assault — about that.

This narcissistic fucking lack of empathy sexual predator/ traitor....................this is just amazing................

Where is this megalomaniac's asshole daughter in this mess and his wife.........................fucking no where to be seen or had, or heard from not even a whimper, and Ivanka is a senior adviser................ ........................just fucking amazing..........................

Voter ID law revived in major setback to Native American voters

A court previously found that almost half of North Dakota's Native voters lack the required ID.
SEP 25, 2018, 10:03 AM

A federal appeals court on Monday sided with North Dakota in a lawsuit over the state’s voter ID law, presenting a significant burden to Native American voters ahead of the November election.

A three-judge panel of the Eighth Circuit Court of Appeals stayed a lower court’s injunction which had required the state to accept a longer list of potential forms of identification at the polls, including IDs that show a voter’s “current mailing address” instead of their “current residential street address.” The court found that the state would be “irreparably harmed by the injunction during the general election in November, 2018,” according to the order.

Many homes on Native American reservations lack traditional postal addresses. Instead, Native voters often rely on P.O. boxes which could be located outside their precincts. Furthermore, there are no motor-vehicle license offices on North Dakota’s reservations, making it difficult for Native voters to obtain the necessary forms of ID.

Native Americans make up more than five percent of North Dakota and represent a critical demographic in the sparsely populated state, where Sen. Heidi Heitkamp (D-ND) is trailing in the polls as she campaigns for reelection.



There is only one judge that was confirmed for a democratic president, just one..........................and this is what happens when you pack a court with right wingers and the majority of libertarians believe that only the rich have a say in the process..............


And fucking guess who the associate justice that overlooks this court.................Neal Gorsuch....................

McConnell: I Believe We Have The Votes To Confirm Kavanaugh

Source: Talking Points Memo

By Caitlin MacNeal and Tierney Sneed
September 25, 2018 2:49 pm
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) indicated Tuesday that the GOP was full steam ahead in putting on the Supreme Court Judge Brett Kavanaugh, who faces allegations for sexual misconduct.

“I believe he’ll be confirmed, yes,” McConnell said at a press conference at the Capitol, when asked if he had the votes.

Earlier in the press availability, McConnell said he was “confident we’re going to win.”

But first, Kavanaugh will sit through another hearing in front of the Judiciary Committee Thursday, where one of his accusers, Christine Blasey Ford, will also testify about her account that the judge groped her when they were both teenagers.

Asked if his language made it seem like he would not approach Blasey Ford’s testimony seriously, McConnell noted that few people were willing to testify under oath about the matter.

Read more: https://talkingpointsmemo.com/dc/mcconnell-have-votes-confirm-kavanaugh


One of those senators, Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN) told he reporters he had cleared his schedule Thursday to watch the hearing, but that he was going into it with “positive feelings” towards Kavanaugh. Sen. Shelley Moore Capito (R-WV) — who had supported the move to bring Blasey Ford in front of the committee — praised Kavanaugh’s appearance on Fox News to defend himself Monday evening.

The Republican senator who is perhaps giving the strongest signals that she’s still on the fence on Kavanaugh is Sen. Lisa Murkowski (R-AK).

“We need to be able to listen,” Murkowksi told the New York Times Monday about Thursday’s hearing. “We have to listen to what she will say on the record, under oath, and what Judge Kavanaugh will say on the record, under oath.”

Hey, Murkowski, Corker and Collins, Flake, while your in your office(s) looking at the TV, and trying to make up your minds, and scratching your heads of bullshit that is running between your ears, why don't you demand a FBI investigation from your caucus.
This happy horseshit of what you are saying, is nothing more than happy horseshit......................your double speak belies your hypocrisy on the rule of law and for this job interview, that this asshole has perjured himself, and has now been accused of sexual assault...................................the question that needs to be asked if you were a boss and found out that this person lied, would you still hire him...............................I fucking don't think so....................

Kavanaugh's Yearbook Page Is 'Horrible, Hurtful' to a Woman It Named

By Kate Kelly and David Enrich
Sept. 24, 2018

Brett Kavanaugh’s page in his high school yearbook offers a glimpse of the teenage years of the man who is now President Trump’s Supreme Court nominee: lots of football, plenty of drinking, parties at the beach. Among the reminiscences about sports and booze is a mysterious entry: “Renate Alumnius.”

The word “Renate” appears at least 14 times in Georgetown Preparatory School’s 1983 yearbook, on individuals’ pages and in a group photo of nine football players, including Judge Kavanaugh, who were described as the “Renate Alumni.” It is a reference to Renate Schroeder, then a student at a nearby Catholic girls’ school.

Two of Judge Kavanaugh’s classmates say the mentions of Renate were part of the football players’ unsubstantiated boasting about their conquests.

“They were very disrespectful, at least verbally, with Renate,” said Sean Hagan, a Georgetown Prep student at the time, referring to Judge Kavanaugh and his teammates. “I can’t express how disgusted I am with them, then and now.”


Ted Cruz run out of DC restaurant by protesters shouting 'We believe survivors!'

After three women alleged they were sexually assaulted by Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, protesters took over the halls of Congress demanding Senators listen to survivors.

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) and his wife were shouted out of a Washington restaurant Monday evening by protesters shouting down his relationship with Kavanaugh.

“We believe survivors!” the protesters shouted.

Another asked if he’ll be confirming his “best friend Brett Kavanaugh.”

The junior senator from Texas only said to the protesters, “God bless you” and asked them to allow his wife to exit.


Kavanaugh demands Supreme Court seat after more assault allegations

By Oliver Willis - September 24, 2018

Brett Kavanaugh faces multiple allegations of sexual assault, but he's demanding confirmation to the Supreme Court anyway.

Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh has now been accused of sexual assault by multiple women, but he’s not apologizing or withdrawing. instead, he’s demanding senators vote to confirm him immediately.

In a letter to Sens. Charles Grassley (R-IA) and Dianne Feinstein (D-CA), Kavanaugh complains about the allegations of assault from Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and lewd exposure from Deborah Ramirez, dismissing them as nothing more than a “frenzy to come up with something” to prevent a vote on his nomination.

Kavanaugh even goes so far to say that accusations against him “debase our public discourse.”

Kavanaugh does not merely defend himself in his letter; he claims the allegations against him are a “threat to any man or woman who wishes to serve our country.”

And if he is not confirmed because senators believe his accusers, rather than his denials, there will be serious consequences.


I understand from listening to Stephanie Miller today that there is a National March

on November 3, 2018..........................does anyone have the site information ............................thank you
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