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Florida students confront lawmakers on gun control as thousands walk out

There are millions adults that are behind you never forget this.....................never, you may never know our names or where we are from, but our goal is your goal, some of us have been fighting this outrage for years...................enough is enough

Roads to nowhere: how infrastructure built on American inequality

It’s a little after 3pm in Detroit’s 8 Mile neighbourhood, and the cicadas are buzzing loudly in the trees. Children weave down the pavements on bicycles, while a pickup basketball game gets under way in a nearby park. The sky is a deep blue with only a hint of an approaching thunderstorm – in other words, a muggy, typical summer Sunday in Michigan’s largest city.

“8 Mile”, as the locals call it, is far from the much-touted economic “renaissance” taking place in Detroit’s centre. Tax delinquency and debt are still major issues, as they are in most places in the city. Crime and blight exist side by side with carefully trimmed hedgerows and mowed lawns, a patchwork that changes from block to block. In many ways it resembles every other blighted neighbourhood in the city – but with one significant difference. Hidden behind the oak-lined streets is an insidious piece of history that most Detroiters, let alone Americans, don’t even know exists: a half mile-long, 5ft tall concrete barrier that locals simply call “the wall”.

“Growing up, we didn’t know what that wall was for,” says Teresa Moon, president of the 8 Mile Community Organization. “It used to be a rite of passage to walk on top of the wall, like a balancing beam. You know, just kids having fun, that kind of thing. It was only later when I found out what it was for, and when I realised the audacity that they had to build it.”


Animals farmed 'Dirty meat': Shocking hygiene failings discovered in US pig and chicken plants

Shocking hygiene failings have been discovered in some of the US’s biggest meat plants, as a new analysis reveals that as many as 15% (one in seven) of the US population suffers from foodborne illnesses annually.

A joint investigation by the Bureau of Investigative Journalism (TBIJ) and the Guardian found that hygiene incidents are at numbers that experts described as “deeply worrying”.

US campaigners are calling once again for the closure of a legal loophole that allows meat with salmonella to be sold in the human supply chain, and also warn about the industry’s push to speed up production in the country’s meat plants. And UK campaigners warn that the UK could be flooded with “dirty meat” if a US trade deal is signed post-Brexit.

The unpublished US- government records highlight numerous specific incidents including:


No problem Paul "ayn rand" Ryan, and his cronies think it's just fine and dandy to gut the USDA inspection, and now they have pinheads in the cabinet and a sexual predator in the white house think that just fine and dandy, what could possibly go wrong..........more mega slaughter house, dirtier food........................time to go full blown vegetarian..............

November 2018 cannot get here fast enough

7 legal experts on what Muellers Russia indictments mean for Trump

Last Friday, special counsel Robert Mueller’s team indicted 13 Russian citizens and three Russian companies, accusing them of conspiring to interfere with the 2016 presidential election and help Donald Trump win the White House.

It’s hard to know what this means given how wide and complex the Mueller probe has become. As my Vox colleague Jennifer Williams noted, the latest charges have tremendous new detail about how actively the Russians tried to meddle with the elections but don’t directly implicate anyone in the Trump campaign or in his inner circle.

But they do raise a few legal questions.

First, do the indictments signal where the broader investigation into Trump-Russia collusion might be headed? Second, although the indictment says clearly that Trump’s people “unwittingly” got help from Russians, does that mean that they’re legally protected from prosecution? And finally, in the unlikely event that any of these Russian citizens are indicted, how difficult will it be to prove that they conspired to defraud the United States?


November 2018 cannot get here fast enough

Donald Trump Jr.s tour through India is staggeringly corrupt

Donald Trump Jr. arrived in India on Tuesday for a week-long visit, and his trip has already revealed a couple of things.

First, it’s clear that the Trump administration is still embroiled in huge conflicts of interest. And second, it’s evident that the Trump brand, though toxic at home, commands surprising power in the world’s second most populous country.

President Trump’s eldest son will be spending his time in India promoting Trump-branded luxury apartments across the country. He’ll be meeting with real estate brokers and potential buyers throughout the week in his family business’s biggest market outside the US.

He’s also offering a special reward to Indians who buy property from him: He’ll join them for an intimate meal.


This meathead is beyond words on the corruption------------he's still a fucking traitor

November 2018 cannot get here fast enough

NRA sends Dana Loesch to town hall with Parkland shooting survivors

CNN will host a town hall on gun violence Wednesday night featuring students, parents, and community members impacted by the school shooting in Parkland, Florida last week — as well as National Rifle Association spokesperson Dana Loesch. An unusual change in tactics for the NRA, which generally remains fairly quiet in the weeks after a mass shooting, the incendiary advocate will respond to those advocating for new gun violence prevention measures in an event called, “Stand Up: The Students of Stoneman Douglas Demand Action.”

Loesch is officially the NRA’s national spokesperson and has emerged as one of the organization’s most strident voices. She has a long history of lambasting those who advocate for restrictions on gun ownership, often relying on violence-inciting language in her attacks. She’s also specifically defended AR-15s, the semi-automatic rifles frequently used in mass shootings.


Went out for Mexican food tonight

and my wife asked me to take her to where her and her girl friend's favorite place, when the meet once a month...............well................just so happens ...................

They were having by the bar in the next serving area this little event................Meet

Stephen Barrar
District 160 Map
Republican, serving Chester County (Part), Delaware County (Part)
Member of the House
1997 to date
Committee Assignments
State Government
Veterans Affairs & Emergency Preparedness, Chair

Now sit back and think about this for a minute, they had assholes with red / white / and blue hats, that said MAGA....................I am in a Mexican restaurant.................they want to deport Mexicans.......................

And then I made the comment of how the gun violence in this country is costing US in health care costs over 229 Billion dollars................

If he would have walked up to me I would have said..........I donated to Conor Lamb..............got it "dude"..........

November 2018 cannot get here fast enough

The True Cost of Gun Violence in America..............Mother Jones / April 15, 2015

The True Cost of Gun Violence in America..............Mother Jones / April 15, 2015

Hey Kingston since you were out "tweeting" this Sunday with your bullshit and was given a platform to spew your bulls hit on CNN, what say you about this informational fact on the cost s of health care that everyone is footing because of your kin ship to the gun manufacturers and the NRA..................FUCK YOU

November 2018 cannot get here fast enough

The True Cost of Gun Violence in America..............Mother Jones / April 15, 2015

It was a mild, crystal clear desert evening on November 15, 2004, when Jennifer Longdon and her fiance, David Rueckert, closed up his martial-arts studio and headed out to grab some carnitas tortas from a nearby taqueria. They were joking and chatting about wedding plans—the local Japanese garden seemed perfect—as Rueckert turned their pickup into the parking lot of a strip mall in suburban north Phoenix. A red truck with oversize tires and tinted windows sideswiped theirs, and as they stopped to get out, Rueckert’s window exploded. He told Longdon to get down and reached for the handgun he had inside a cooler on the cab floor. As he threw the truck into gear, there were two more shots. His words turned to gibberish and he slumped forward, his foot on the gas. A bullet hit Longdon’s back like a bolt of lightning, her whole body a live wire as they accelerated toward the row of palm trees in the concrete divider.

The air bag against her was stifling, the inside of the cab hot. She managed to call 911. “Where are you shot on your body?” the dispatcher asked. “I don’t know, I cannot move. I can’t breathe anymore. Somebody help me,” she pleaded. “I’m dying.”

There was a rush of cool air, and a man leaning over her. Then a flood of bright lights. “Am I being medevacked?” she asked. “Those are news vultures,” the EMT told her. He shielded her face with his hand as they rushed the gurney into the ambulance. She couldn’t stop thinking of her 12-year-old. “Tell my son I love him,” she said.


Maybe Jack Kingston the moderator working on CNN should get his facts straight since he prancing around like some full blown right wing racists condensing dickhead speaking about the current school violence at Parkland, Florida being some "left wing conspiracy egging young men and woman on..................Fuck him, in 2015 this country spent over 229 Billion, yes 229 Billion on health care related costs for guns violence

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