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The old stand-by "Thank you very much", chicken shit

November 2018 cannot get here fast enough

Trump pitches plan to replace food stamps with food boxes


The Trump administration is proposing to save billions in the coming years by giving low-income families a box of government-picked, nonperishable foods every month instead of food stamps.

White House OMB Director Mick Mulvaney on Monday hailed the idea as one that kept up with the modern era, calling it a "Blue Apron-type program" — a nod to the high-end meal kit delivery company that had one of the worst stock debuts in 2017 and has struggled to hold onto customers. Mulvaney said the administration’s plan would not only save the government money, but also provide people with more nutritious food than they have now.

The proposal, buried in the White House’s fiscal 2019 budget, would replace about half of the money most families receive via the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program, also known as food stamps, with what the Department of Agriculture is calling “America’s Harvest Box.” That package would be made up of "100 percent U.S. grown and produced food" and would include items like shelf-stable milk, peanut butter, canned fruits and meats, and cereal.


Now this sexual predator and his fucking budget director, think people all across the land should have a new version of MRE's
FUCK YOU,....................while you eat fucking chocolate cake at your fucked up resort-----------

November 2018 cannot get here fast enough

One way to take the escalator at the Korean Olympics

Note: do not attempt to do this injury may incur................seek immediate medical help if you fail

Meet the Sacklers: the family feuding over blame for the opioid crisis

The Sackler Drug Rehab Facility, unlike the prestigious Sackler art galleries of New York and London does not exist. Yet.

If lawyers have their way, however, or public opinion pricks a few consciences, it may soon.

The Sackler family, a sprawling and now feuding transatlantic dynasty, is famous in cultural and academic circles for decades of generous philanthropy towards some of the world’s leading institutions, from Yale University to the Guggenheim Museum in the US and the Serpentine Gallery to the Royal Academy in Britain.

But what’s less well known, though increasingly being exposed, is that much of their wealth comes from one product – OxyContin, the blockbuster prescription painkiller first launched in 1996.

The pill is stronger than morphine and sparked the opioid crisis that’s now killing more than 100 people a day in America and has spawned millions of addicts. It’s also attracted a wave of lawsuits alleging ongoing deception about the safety of OxyContin, which the company had previously admitted misbranding in a 2007 criminal case.


United States Congress elections, 2018

A total of 468 seats in the U.S. Congress (33 Senate seats and all 435 House seats) are up for election on November 6, 2018. As the election cycle unfolds, Ballotpedia is tracking important primaries for both the House and Senate.

The Republican Party holds 51 seats in the Senate. Democrats hold 47 seats, and the remaining two are held by independents who caucus with the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party faces greater partisan risk in 2018, as they are defending 25 seats (two of which are held by independents), while eight seats up for election in 2018 are held by Republican incumbents by comparison. The Democratic Party must defend seats in 10 states that supported Donald Trump (R) over Hillary Clinton (D) in 2016.

Republicans also control the U.S. House of Representatives. As of February 2018, the Republican Party is in the majority, holding 238 seats to Democrats' 193 seats, with four seats being vacant. The Democratic Party is well-positioned to gain seats in the chamber in 2018; since 1934, the party of a newly elected president has suffered an average loss of 23 seats in the House in the following midterm.[1]


November cannot get here fast enough-------------go and vote

Facebook personal data use and privacy settings ruled illegal by German court

Facebook’s default privacy settings and use of personal data are against German consumer law, according to a judgement handed down by a Berlin regional court.

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The court found that Facebook collects and uses personal data without providing enough information to its members for them to render meaningful consent. The federation of German consumer organisations (VZBV), which brought the suit, argued that Facebook opted users in to features which it should not have.

Heiko Duenkel, litigation policy officer at the VZBV, said: “Facebook hides default settings that are not privacy friendly in its privacy centre and does not provide sufficient information about it when users register. This does not meet the requirement for informed consent.”

In a statement, VZBV elaborated on some of its issues: “In the Facebook app for smartphones, for example, a location service was pre-activated that reveals a user’s location to people they are chatting to.


Now if this could be done in the US.......................

November 2018 cannot get here fast enough

I know it may be really cold in Minnesota, but.......today and tomorrow, are ELECTIONS.............

February 12, 2018
See also: Minnesota state legislative special elections, 2018
[show]☐ Minnesota State Senate District 54
[show]☐ Minnesota House of Representatives District 23B

February 13, 2018
See also: Florida state legislative special elections, 2018
[show]☐ Florida House of Representatives District 72


See also: Georgia state legislative special elections, 2018
[show]☐ Georgia House of Representatives District 175


See also: Oklahoma state legislative special elections, 2018
[show]☐ Oklahoma State Senate District 27

November 2018 cannot get here fast enough

To all of the DU members for the hearts.....................Thank You.......... Wado

They help relieve the stress.....................

BECK'S BOLERO (1967) by the Jeff Beck Group

ICE Wants to Be an Intelligence Agency Under Trump

Officials at Immigration and Customs Enforcement are actively exploring joining the U.S. Intelligence Community, The Daily Beast has learned.

The effort is helmed by a small cohort of career Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) officials, and has been underway since the Obama administration, according to an ICE official familiar with the matter.

Internal advocates for joining the America’s spy agencies—known as the Intelligence Community or the IC—focus on the potential benefits to the agency’s work on counterproliferation, money laundering, counterterror, and cybercrime. The official added that joining the IC could also be useful for the agency’s immigration enforcement work––in particular, their efforts to find and arrest undocumented immigrants with criminal arrest warrants (known in ICE as fugitive aliens).

But civil liberties advocates and government watchdog groups—as well as some current and former U.S. officials—are concerned at the prospect of the nation’s immigration enforcers joining the ranks of America’s spies.


Then what happens to transparency.........................

November 2018 cannot get here fast enough
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