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Member since: Fri May 30, 2014, 03:30 PM
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Chase Iron Eyes

Standing Rock Blockade

This movie is amazing about genius, purpose, and recognition, and should get the Best Movie.........

Samantha Bee Takes Aim At Donald Trumps Faithful Husky Paul Ryan

The Fix is In, now is time for Interns or Beat Reporters to ask questions


Jim Acosta was shot by Donald Trump on Fifth Ave and what did the Press do?

And not one "journalist" in that room asked this fascist when he pointed to them to go back and defer there own question to have Jim Acosta (CNN) to be given the opportunity to ask a question.

This is what happen's when you have coup d' tate unfolding with a authoritarian megalomaniac attacking the press and then having fellow press agents with there own agenda being just as bad as the "guy" standing on the podium and not defending him or you and me in this country

Seth Myers has a sit down talk with Kelly and its not really pretty

"The View" on the Donalds inauguration Dress Issue

Who Broke Iran Sanction's while employed at ExxonMobil

Tillerson history at Exxon one of defying, opposing US

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