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Gender: Male
Hometown: virginia
Member since: Sun Jun 1, 2014, 05:32 PM
Number of posts: 3,619

Journal Archives

Vp biden town hall on cnn now.

They are starting by discussing the russian meddling with the elections. Biden is starting really strong.

First snow of the winter.

Its snowing right now in southeastern Virginia. First time this winter. Its supposed to just be a few inches, should not be an issue.

This time I checked my emergency generator is good to go.
Last time we lost power, I found I had stale gas in there and had to take it apart and clean the carburator during the storm..

It's raining out here in southeastern virginia.

It has not stopped since early morning. Local roads are starting to flood. I will blame Trump for that because I am sure he and Pence triggered the end of the world. It's probably the flood that's starting it all 😁😁

We should be ashamed of the way our primary system is setup.

The first two states in the primary contest are heavily majority white. The backbone of the party is largely made up of African Americans. Basically, we are saying let the white people decide what's best, you black guys should just vote for whomever we choose (for the record, I am white).

I watched some of the footage coming out of Iowa that night. I'm not sure I saw any black person in the crowd ( maybe I missed it ? ).

For a party that is supposed to be inclusive, I find that offensive.
Could not we come up with a better scheme ?

So basically those caucuses discriminate against older people

Or with disabilities. They just show that gymnasium where you have to run up and down the stairs each time you realign. How do they expect older people to do that for hours at end ?

it's just an exercise in loud mouthing, gesticulating and bullying.

Going to sell our honey and crafts at a Christmas market tonight.

In a little town where a friend of ours has an antique store. They are setting up booths in the street from 5 till 9pm woth food, alcohol and vendors.

My wife is really excited. She spend hours preparing for it, making decorations and bottling honey. I did the heavy lifting.. I will post a pic when we are setup.

Organic honey, we sell it at $16.00 a lbs and people are buying it.

Is not fox news enough ?

Why does MSNBC invite RW hacks on their shows ? There was a woman on meet the press saying biden was a man skank, that both left and right were misbehaving, etc..

Thread on Joe Biden CNN town hall

Let's comment on the town hall. It's being shown live on CNN.

Wtf, guiliani is being investigated and he Carry's on criming.

Katy Tur subbing for Lawrence o'Donnell is playing the butt dial calls . Guiliani is literally scheming about the bidens and asking for more money which is no doubt coming from suspicious people. He is going to land in jail, hard.
I'm wondering if Trump told Barr not to lift a finger to stop the investigation. Maybe they are thinking he can be the fall guy.

How many times can chuck Rosenberg be fooled ?

I generally appreciate his analysis. He is often on Rachel or other MSNBC shows. Back when Barr was considered for ag he was one of the former justice official telling us that Barr had a very good reputation, he was a straight arrow, etc..
He later had to admit he was wrong. Now, the same song is being heard from him about John Durham, the prosecutor that barr put in charge to investigate the Russian investigation.
I trust John Durham, respect him, etc..
You would think Rosenberg would have realized by now that Trump corrupts everybody.
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