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Gender: Male
Hometown: virginia
Member since: Sun Jun 1, 2014, 05:32 PM
Number of posts: 3,520

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finally they are interviewing sane delegates

Bernie delegates from vermont of all places. Can hardly be more geniune. Yet they said they are happy with hillary and call for unity. Hopefully these people represent the bulk of Sanders delegates.

hillary potter !

thats what is on clintonkaine.com according to rachel maddow. Go there, its hillarious..

the contrast is striking between gop and dem reps

I was watching cspan this morning. Each rep has 5 minutes to make a statement on whatever topic they find important to bring to the attention of the speaker.

First was rep Capuccio , a democrat from Massachussets. He gave a brilliant speech on the necessity to have actual votes on "no fly, no buy" and the other bill to plug loopholes in background checks. He pointed out that the gop reps were afraid of standing up for their convictions and actually have an up or down vote on those issues. Instead they manoeuvered using congressional rules to twarth any attempt.

Following him was Jacky speirs , D from california. She too was pushing for the weapon bills. In doing so she had a poster showing the 54 people who died in 51 other mass shootings in june of this year and read their names.

Al green (D), from texas followed up and gave a powerful speech on the fact that black men are being killed by police. He emphasized what happened in the last two days and called for the speaker to assemble the house and do something about it.

Next was a republican. What did he talk about ? A bill to recognize a sport team for having performed so well in the championship....

How can he stand up there without shame and waste time on a trivial matter when issues of importance are being debated.

He was followed by Maxine Waters (D) who also pushed for gun control and the killing of black men. She dared the speaker to try to bring them to the ethic rule commitee regarding their sit-in.

why is gdp still up ?

Hillary is the presumptive nominee. Yet gdp is innundated with posts about polls showing hillary will lose to trump here or there , etc.. Not only is it nonsense, it accomplishes nothing.

So we are snapping at each other, meanwhile

You see on TV the current events developing in chicago at the trump rally.

We are so busy demonizing Hillary or Bernie , we dont even react to the fact that we are seeing the rise of fachism in this country. these scenes could have be lifted from the 1930's during the rise of the nazi party in germany or mussolini's black shirts in italy

Its not a game anymore. Its the future of our country. trump has to be stopped.

looking good in southampton county va

Rural county mostly republican. Yet this morning 33 dems voted in promary so far and just 3 repubs.
I came in and there was a line at the table for dem voters, nobody in the gop line.

They also changed the ballots. Now it is a paper ballot you fill with a pen. It is then read out and collected by a machine. I much prefer that to a fully electronic vote.

the demographics, they are changing..

It has been known for a while that the changing demographics favor the democrats. The country is becoming more and more diversified and the white anglo saxons (I am one of them ) will no longer be the majority in a couple decades or less.
Given that the latino population is increasing fast and that they tend to vote democrat, its looking better and better for us democrats.
At 538, they have this interesting interactive tool they call the "swing-o-matic". Fun to play with :


How the Swing-O-Matic works: We started with the results of the 2012 election and the support for each party’s candidate by the five demographic groups. We then adjusted the size of those groups based on four years of population change. When you adjust the vote and turnout above, our model recalculates the results for each state — as well as the Electoral College outcome and the national popular vote — taking into account how much of the state’s electorate the group accounts for.

If their assumptions about turnout for this year as well as current voting trends hold, the nominee will easily carry the country.

trump keeps gaining in polls despite crasy statements

Since it keeps working, he has to up the ante every time.

I fully expect that next, he will be saying we should use a nuclear bomb to wipe some of the muslim countries.
Earlier on MSNBC they were interviewing some of his supporters. One said that we should bomb indiscriminately in sirya because the can "reproduce" and will generate more terrorists. Basically, advocating for mass genocide. Yet, the interviewer did not call her on that. This is unthinkable.

I have never heard such hateful rhetoric before on mainstream media

So, I have Sirius XM and earlier I was listening to CNN while driving to work.

They had two repubs and an author of a book about islamophobia on the panel. I could not believe the kind of rhetoric the repubs were spewing on CNN. It is now apparently mainstream to say things like the "vast majority" of muslims support ISIS...

To his credit, the anchor pushed back hard and ask the guy to produce sources backing this claim. When he could not he fell into a rage instead.

On a separate instance, they had Trump on MSNBC being interviewed in regards of the statements he made about having all muslims forbidden to enter the US. Trump started to make completely insane statements such that the administration had a policy where we would implicitely deny refugee status to christian syrians but allow it for muslim syrians. Of course, its total nonsense and the anchor flatly said it was a lie and asked trump does it matter to you that it is not the truth ? They went a it for a few minutes.

What I find remarkable besides the level of hateful rhetoric that we are now seeing is that the mainstream media journalists are now pushing back and flat out calling out lies. Even Chuck Todd did that the other day.

I wonder if Trump managed to get our media to grow a spine again and start calling out nonsense which they stopped doing years ago in order to keep the ratings high.

the tragic events in charleston and the supreme court decisions

are triggering a movement to finally remove the confederate flags from public places. It is also quite revealing as of what people you thought knew really think.
I live in the south ( Virginia) and until now did not realize how many bigots and racists were amongst my acquaintances. I had to unfriend quite a few on facebook alone, got into an argument with a bunch of others.

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