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Gender: Male
Hometown: virginia
Member since: Sun Jun 1, 2014, 06:32 PM
Number of posts: 4,302

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Death rate is 26 % amongst cases with outcomes.

looking at worldometers I see that amongst the 1,263 092 cases, 287780 cases had an outcome. It falls into three categories. These people either recovered ( at home) , were discharged from the hospital after having recovered or died.
Those who died are 26 % of the outcome 74,799 . The first two categories ( recovered,discharged) together add up to 74 %.

Eventually all the active cases remaining (975,312) will end up falling in one of these three categories.

If the trend holds up this means 26x975,312/100.00 =253,382 more will die.

Either that or those numbers don't mean what i think.

Interesting how much a difference a day makes

so Andy Lack is gone. He was the NBC exec who kept hiring right wingers. Chris hayes is focusing on covid tonight. Not a peep about Tara Reades unless it was so brief I missed it when I went to grab a drink.

I hope somebody in Biden's team is keeping a list

of all the crap that Trump did that they will need to undo. Its going to be a long list.

Not only do they need to do that, they also absolutely should identify any and every person, political appointee or federal employees who
went along with anything that was lawless.

These people need to be prosecuted if we want to avoid ever again ending up in a situation like that.
Some of the unfettered presidential powers also need to be reined in. Congress needs to take back what it delegated to the president such as the power to make decisions on trade treaties or tariffs.

Looks like msnbc is correcting their coverage.

now they are explicitly discussing all the holes in reades story instead of going accusatory on Biden

how is everybody doing in quarantine ?


I must say its agreeing with us pretty well. My wife was already retired, I am working from home. My usual commute is 1h30m each way. So now I save 3 hours a day. I enjoy the company of my wife and pets.

I even get to do projects. We have a farmhouse in Virginia with land, buildings, etc.. lots of maintenance needed. My wife always wanted a chicken coop so I've been building one.

I had never done any framing before. This project allowed me learn that on a smaller scale. Now I've got to learn about installing a window, hanging a door and roofing.

Sitting in my woods.

Beautiful weather today. I'm sitting my back against a tree in the woods on our property. Spring is definitely here.


Got the covid money deposited in my account this morning.

I just checked and sure enough it landed in my account this morning.

Edit: I'm not on social security and we filled our taxes in February. I have it setup via hr block to direct deposit ( or direct pay when we owe some ).

WTF ? Rachel Maddow is reporting that american companies

Making masks are exporting them . There is a shipment of 280 million n95 masks about to leave the country. Apparently the feds have not asked companies to not do so and sell to Fema instead in order to supply our hospitals.

so much for cases declining in Italy.

a few days ago there were speculations that the Italians had started turning around with the number of deaths per day declining. That trend did not last. It's increasing again. Poor Italy has now over 10,000 deaths.

"We expect to see the first effects of the stringent lockdown measures adopted on March 11 after 2-3 weeks, so the coming week will be absolutely crucial in this sense: we expect to finally see a sign of trend reversal," said Franco Locatelli, President of the Health Council

At first, people thought that had been the case since deaths started a downwards trend from the 20th til the 23rd. Alas, it has since reversed the trend and its climbing back up.

This is the kind of thing that is going to happen here if we relax the stay in place restrictions too soon.

Covid-19 hitting very close to home..

Two employees from my lab just tested positive. We were shutdown a few days ago but not before that. There was a few day overlap where they were working being asymptomatic.

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