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Gender: Male
Hometown: virginia
Member since: Sun Jun 1, 2014, 06:32 PM
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Pee pee tapes !!

Rachel is reporting on an interesting footnote in the Mueller report related to a russian businessman texting Cohen in 2016 that he stopped the flow of tapes from russia. Apparently compromising tapes related to 2013 Trump's trip to Russia during the miss universe contest. Footnote 112 volume 2.

Why do we care about justice department "policies" ?

It's not part of the constitution or even a law passed by Congress. Why do we allow political appointees ( i.e past AG's) to impose policies such as not wanting to indict a president ? If so, Barr could come up with some crazy policies and the justice department would blindly follow?

The Mueller grand jury is still seated proceedings robustly.

Darren samuelsohn (politico) was in court today listening to the arguments about that mystery lawsuit that is pitting a foreign company against the Mueller team. Their lawyers motioned for stuff to be unsealed since we were told the Mueller investigation had ended. Not so fast, said the judge, the Mueller grand jury is still empaneled and proceeding robustly. ...

It would appear that Mueller handed off enough things to other prosecutors that trump and his ilk may have been celebrating a little too early..

Update : here is the politico article about it.


And I should correct that its the federal prosecutor who said its proceeding robustly, not the judge as I incorrectly stated.

Hilarious. According to CPAP attendees Alexandria Ocasio Cortez

Is going to take away your hamburgers and steal your cows... oh, and remodel your house too. Apparently, they are going to run on the red menace scare tactic like the good old days of the cold war. Never mind the fact that at the same time, they support a president who is in bed with Putin.

After today's hearing I question what qualifications you need to be elected as a gop

I am amazed at how mediocre the GOP members of Congress are. Many of them act as if they never evolved out of being schoolyard bullies. Some are plain dumb like gohmert. Most are unable to argue their position without resorting to name calling. We saw that displayed today.

Michael Cohen who according to Giuliani and his ilk is a
mediocre lawyer had no problems running circle around them. All the GOP reps did was to try to say he was a liar as if it mattered. After all, Cohen had defused this line of attack from the start by having pled guilty and openly admitted to having lied before. He also came armed with factual evidence.

Instead of debating him on the substance the GOP reps just launched into temper tantrums. No salient question, nothing.

Compare that with the brilliance on our side. Chairman Cummings was masterfull. Our new members were very good. Both Ro Khanna and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez had excellent lines of questioning.

This begs the question : is it a requirement to be dim in order to be elected on the GOP platform ? Is that what their voters mean by "telling it like it is" ? Are the GOP Congress members really mediocre intellectually or am I biased because of my political affiliation ?

I'impressed at how anchors like Richard Liu can just pick up

A coverage with 30 seconds notice. Joyce was filling in for Lawrence o donnel but the satellite link failed. Liu picked it up from his desk, not even the studio and has not missed a beat, interviewing the panel etc..

I wonder how scripted these shows are or if they just have people smart enough to think on their feet and pick it up with no notice.

When you think the GOP minority leader could not get any more despicaple

He is purposely not naming people to the intelligence committee led by rep. Schiff in order to stop them from having a quorum and being able to act. The immediate consequence is that they cant act to send the transcripts of the committee to Mueller as he requested.

Pundits are already saying the stone indictment is nor enough for collusion.

What the hell is it going to take ?

Because you know, Wikileaks is not Russia and we dont know if trump knew what was going on and willingly doing it. Apparently it's very hard to commit any crime if you believe pundits. You really have to mean it..

Congressman Eric swalwell explicitly says trump is an agent of russia.

On MSNBC, chris matthews asked him point blank and swalwell responded without any hesitation that at this point he is convinced trump is working for russia.

Trump shows how powerful the presidency is and how many loopholes the constitution has.

Our founding fathers likely never anticipated that we could have such an inept treasonous individual for president who would utilize every ounce of power the office of the president possesses to enrich himself and sell the country to foreign powers.

It did not help that on matters like trade, the president has wide latitude to impose tariffs, negotiate or break agreements and so on. It used to be the purview of Congress. Years ago they ceded that to the presidency in order to make it easier to negotiate treaties. It's all well and good until you get a con man in charge.

The remedy , impeachment and removal is wholly inadequate when that president has the help of a complicit congress which until recently was controlled by his party.

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