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Gender: Male
Hometown: virginia
Member since: Sun Jun 1, 2014, 06:32 PM
Number of posts: 4,080

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This mayor of Buffalo is completely clueless

he is double speaking trying to excuse the behavior of the police officers. Making the argument that police should keep moving forward instead of helping the poor guy they just showed to the ground.

Rachel just showed Al Sharpton's eulogy for George Floyd.

It was incredible, he was on fire and of course perfectly on point.
He is getting together various groups to come together and organize a long term movement to end police violence, emphasizing that local elections are crucial, not just the white house. Hd put it in context of the struggle black people have been facing for the last 400 years and declared that now is the era where we end police violence.

Wtf. Chris hayes is back at it with Tara reade.

he's got a journalist who recounted the whole story saying it sounded credible at the time. She did not address reade's credibility issues. Hayes is meekly trying to do that but if you caught the first few minutes of the broadcast you would think reade is perfectly credible.

Hayes is totally inept at covering this. It backfires every time.

So which is it ? Biden ahead in battlegrounds or Trump ?

From the newsweek:

Analysts are most closely eyeing polling data out of Wisconsin, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Florida, all of which Trump won in 2016 after Obama won them twice. Recent polling suggests that Biden, who served as Obama's vice president, currently has the advantage. In several key states, the Democratic candidate leads Trump, while national polls also show Biden as the favored presidential contender.


Those polls were taken last week.

Meanwhile on msnbc, kornacky produces another poll where Biden is behind in every battleground state.

Sounds unlikely to me that Biden would suddenly be behind in every battleground state, not sure what is going on.

interesting. some of the repub senators are criticizing the administration

about not having put an early emphasis on testing and prepping for it. For context, i am watching the hearings on COVID. A link was posted there https://www.democraticunderground.com/1017581876

How do staged reopenings work?

In many places, like for example Virginia where I live, governors are planning staged reopening based on the prevalence of COVID in a given area. How is that going to even work ? If some areas are open, would not that mean people from the areas that are not will just travel there to get services and spread the virus ?

So we are in the middle of this pandemic

and Chris hayes is discussing with guest how we should not enforce the quarantine measures for people who break it because its too harsh.
What about worrying about those who get infected instead?

Death rate is 26 % amongst cases with outcomes.

looking at worldometers I see that amongst the 1,263 092 cases, 287780 cases had an outcome. It falls into three categories. These people either recovered ( at home) , were discharged from the hospital after having recovered or died.
Those who died are 26 % of the outcome 74,799 . The first two categories ( recovered,discharged) together add up to 74 %.

Eventually all the active cases remaining (975,312) will end up falling in one of these three categories.

If the trend holds up this means 26x975,312/100.00 =253,382 more will die.

Either that or those numbers don't mean what i think.

Interesting how much a difference a day makes

so Andy Lack is gone. He was the NBC exec who kept hiring right wingers. Chris hayes is focusing on covid tonight. Not a peep about Tara Reades unless it was so brief I missed it when I went to grab a drink.

I hope somebody in Biden's team is keeping a list

of all the crap that Trump did that they will need to undo. Its going to be a long list.

Not only do they need to do that, they also absolutely should identify any and every person, political appointee or federal employees who
went along with anything that was lawless.

These people need to be prosecuted if we want to avoid ever again ending up in a situation like that.
Some of the unfettered presidential powers also need to be reined in. Congress needs to take back what it delegated to the president such as the power to make decisions on trade treaties or tariffs.
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