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C Moon

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Gender: Male
Member since: Sat Jun 21, 2014, 01:30 AM
Number of posts: 9,100

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"That White House is a real dump." Trump - 2016


He called it a dump and didn't want to live in the White House in 2016, now he's built a fence around it and refusing to leave.

If New York goes after him when he is kicked out, he'll be living in a cardboard box—or in some MAGA's basement.

Trump, McConnell, Putin, the GOP, the RNC...

have NEVER won an honest election since 2000—that’s their profession: stealing, cheating, robbing.

They lost on November 3rd, but they want a second chance to steal.

I hope our party is ready for this den of thieves. God only know what fraud they have put together.

So will the Trump family be the next...

Schitt$ Creek?

Ray Charles performs "America the Beautiful" - 2001, game 2 of World Series. Priceless.

I finally feel like we got all this back.
After Trump/Putin and their racist asshat wearing KKK nazis were trying to bring the US down, I thought this was all gone.

Up yours Putin, we got it back!

I think I'm going to sleep very soundly tonight. What a wonderful day this turned out to be.

Although, we'll all sleep much better once we get that freak clown and his family out of our White House for good.

We'll never get those 4 years back.

I can't believe I made it through 4 years of that freak.

But like someone on DU said (looking on the bright side), maybe it's a good thing: we know now who a lot of the bad guys are and what they are capable of; I think it also showed us the GOP's true colors.

They are STILL willing to break our laws to toss votes.

So frigging happy today!!!

God I want our country back.

How far will these GOP traitors go?
They know god damned well they are fighting against our constitution—by hiring lawyers to fight the mail in ballots.

They know Joe Biden won by the Electoral College AND overwhelmingly by popular vote.

The popular media is only concerned with making money. Some of them are still at 253, while others have 264, and we all know Joe is President.

The GOP is banking on two things:
1. They may get their way and win somehow.
2. The Democratic party will do nothing if they do lose.

After we get our White House back, I certainly hope our elected officials don't forget EVERY god damned broken law these bastards have committed.

I'm on Facebook a lot (yeah, I know), but it's quite amazing that Trump is not only hated in the US

but around the world.

I have "friends" from many nations, and the memes popping up are showing that they are glued to their tv's watching the results unfold—and rooting for our Joe and Kamala!

We all hate you Donald Trump,
The World

The way Trump/GOP are acting now (trying desperately to stop the vote counting)...

it looks like Trump thought he was going to win the election, and wasn't prepared for this.

It's like they are thumbing wildly through their books of lies and deceit, and trying different tactics to stop votes from being tallied, or suing states that didn't go to him, and now putting his own electors in place.

They had months to plan for this scenario, but they just don't look ready.

Please have pity on the MAGAs who are armed and trying to suppress the votes tonight:

For they have NO idea—on such short notice—where they will be able to find a rock to crawl back under.
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