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C Moon

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Gender: Male
Member since: Sat Jun 21, 2014, 01:30 AM
Number of posts: 9,100

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No forgiving this time. When the blue wave takes over the U.S. in November...

We need to keep EVERYONE accountable for their support of trump's deeds:
• Every CEO (Facebook included...I see that asshat trying running FB ads to make him look innocent)
• Every Senator
• Every Congressperson
• Everyone who supported and worked to keep alien children in cages
• Every fool who continued to work and embrace Trump's policies while working on his Whitehouse team
• Every investor
• Every judge

Innocent until proven guilty, but we need to investigate every god damed one of those nazis.

If we don't, we are doomed to relive this nightmare, and it will be worse the second time around. I've seen many younger people than Trump in the news, who look like they would do a MUCH better job of this than he did.

Vote, win, investigate, convict.

The GOP knew they would get caught with fake ballot boxes in CA.

I think they are going to alter what ballots they got, drop them in the US mail, and then present them as evidence of mail in voter fraud in California.

If that’s not it, there is something else underhanded going on with the GOP in CA. Those boxes were too obvious. And now we have Trump pleading to California “vote for me, what do you have to lose?” And switching back and forth about fire relief funds.

What set it off for me was that tonight I saw the very first Trump commercial on tv. Suddenly, they are pumping money into California.

I don’t trust these MFrs. Something’s going on in California.

The GOP appears to be following their old play book from 2016.

In that election, they got Comey to send his "letter" to congress on October 28.

I wonder what they have planned this election.

But everything the GOP is doing this election, has put them flat on their face.
Partly because we're ready for their lies and deceit this time around—but also because Trump has a TERRIBLE poker face: you listen and watch what he's spewing, and reading between the lines is simple.

If you currently have an NBC app...

delete it.

Biden contact page. Please let him know not to meet in person for any debate with Trump.


I'm concerned Trump's going to pull out so-called "professionals" to say everything is safe. God only know what the hell they would put together to poison our future President.

Doctor Says Trump Won't Transmit Virus, Stays Quiet on Tests

Source: NBC Los Angeles news

In a memo, Navy Cmdr. Dr. Sean Conley says Trump meets the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention criteria for safely discontinuing isolation and that by "currently recognized standards" he is no longer considered a transmission risk

The White House doctor said that President Donald Trump was no longer at risk of transmitting the coronavirus but did not say explicitly whether Trump had tested negative for it. The diagnosis came as the president prepared to resume campaign rallies and other activities.

In a memo released Saturday night by the White House, Navy Cmdr. Dr. Sean Conley said Trump met the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention criteria for safely discontinuing isolation and that by "currently recognized standards" he was no longer considered a transmission risk.

The memo did not declare Trump had tested negative for the virus. But sensitive lab tests -- like the PCR test cited in the doctor's statements -- detect virus in swab samples taken from the nose and throat. Dr. William Morice, who oversees laboratories at the Mayo Clinic, said earlier this week that using the PCR tests, the president's medical team could hypothetically measure and track the amount of virus in samples over time and watch the viral load go down.

Read more: https://www.nbclosangeles.com/news/politics/trump-to-hold-first-in-person-event-since-coronavirus-diagnosis/2442100/

He really wants to get Biden sick at the debate.

I edited the article because NBC changed the headline and the article. I've updated the headline and article accordingly.

Today, KentuckyWoman posted about her extreme RW neighbor deciding to vote Biden.

It made me wonder if my ex-marine neighbor would be going the same way. Would he approach me in the next few weeks, and meekly agree that Trump was wrong for the country, and he was going to vote Biden?

I was walking my dog by his house tonight after the debate, and couldn't help but hear him spouting off to a friend.

So the answer is "no." It appears that to some, racism overrides patriotism.

This is from March, but she describes a "mild" case of COVID.


I Have A Presumed Case Of COVID-19. This Is What The Past 10 Days Have Been Like

You’ve been sent home so coronavirus doesn’t spread. You’re bored and you want to socialize. It’s cool, but I want to share a little bit of wisdom with you first.

I’ve been locked up in my house for 10 days now, my kids and I in quarantine and dealing with symptoms of COVID-19. I know you’re on the way out the door, so I’ll just tell you what’s coming.

It starts with a sore throat. The sore throat feels like you've been smoking menthol cigarettes when you already have a cold. You’ll start to feel really tired, and get a bit of a headache behind your eyes, no big deal. Soon your eyeballs will really hurt, and feel larger than their sockets, like a Warner Brothers cartoon character who gets surprised. You’ll be surprised how much it hurts, and ice packs won’t help.


Awesome. Through my USPS Informed Delivery email, I saw my ballot is coming today.

I'm voting tonight, and dropping it off tomorrow.

The press secretary is positive now.

On and on.
White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany Tests Positive for COVID-19
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