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C Moon

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Gender: Male
Member since: Sat Jun 21, 2014, 02:30 AM
Number of posts: 8,645

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I was just told that Fox News used some of my music as a bumper for a show.

Of all the stations. Sheese!
I'd better get money out it! Gotta contact ASCAP, asap.

I just saw a police chase in L.A. on tv...

Several highway patrol (CHP) cars, and a helicopter were following a late model black Mercedes with tinted windows.
The driver finally exited the freeway, and slowly pulled over to the side.
The officers got out of their cars, walked over and tapped on the window. No guns drawn. No hesitation.
The driver stepped out. She looked to be a 60-70 year old white woman.
They brought walked her to the side of the street and began talking to her. The news station shut off the coverage.

I wonder if she'll even be fined.

That's how we ALL should be treated: not just rich white people in expensive cars.

Been watching live footage of the Ferguson protests via....

"I am Mike Brown Live from Ferguson, MO"

It was very interesting. Then the police set up a line, and started marching forward down the boulevard and began announcing that if you weren't with the media with credentials, you had to leave.

They also announced the media must stay within the media area.

Then, within minutes, they changed the announcement to ...the media must go back to command post (something like that). At which point, the live feed had to drive to a designated area.

They drove to where they were told (several miles away). They waited, the police at this post checked their credentials (twice) and they were directed to a NEW area miles away...to me, at this point (since they have been gassing up their vehicle) it appears media has been completely removed from giving any credible reporting on what's going on.

I can only wonder how many iPhones the police have smashed at ground zero.

Live feed from Ferguson?

I was watching a live feed from Ferguson last night (I believe it was an independent news source), but I can't locate it.
Anyone know what it may have been? I recall it started with an "A."


We're getting some rain in Southern California tonight...

The clouds in Southern California have been like the Republicans in congress: they have been showing up, but haven't been doing anything.

What's passing through tonight, must be executive order clouds.
I wonder if they'll get sued.
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