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C Moon

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Gender: Male
Member since: Sat Jun 21, 2014, 02:30 AM
Number of posts: 8,653

Journal Archives

I get a gnawing feeling that this will be my last chance to enjoy the holidays for some time...

because, something wicked this way comes.

So Cal Xmas Eve Eve Rain...this one has a punch.

This storm is coming down hard and has a strong winds.
It could pose a problem with landslides, falling trees.
The other rains we had were gentle.
Don't be a statistic: drive safe—and don't drink/etc and drive, So. Cal'rs!
I'm staying home with a log in the fireplace (not PC, I know), my dog next to me, working on a podcast video, and watching George C. Scott as Scrooge—with a Mulled Wine heavy on the cinnamon. jk
Merry Christmas Eve Eve (to those who celebrate)!!

More rain in Southern California!!!

We've been having some nice rain in Southern California for the past 2 months. Nothing extreme, but enough to soak in the ground.
The drought we'd been having has left dirt in parks, yards and parkways—even last year's predicted "Godzilla El Niño" couldn't help us.
But now, after several rain storms, there are small green pieces of grass growing in the dirt—even in the winter.

Today's rain wasn't even predicted. It was supposed to be cloudy today. And I think we got well over an inch of rain—sounds like over 2" to me.
It stopped for a while. We went out and walked the dogs. It started up again, and now it's a heavy rain again.
Happy Winter, DU'rs!

I hope this backfires on Putin.

I hope there is a revolution to overthrow the rich and right-wing fuckers in the U.S., and it ripples across the world and into Russia, and Putin's ass is thrown out into the streets of Moscow to rot on a park bench.

Period. End of sentence.

It boggles my mind that the U.S. is okay with all this Russian involvement in our elections.

Unbelievable. Just boggles my mind. Do U.S. citizens no longer care about our country? Have they put content and advice from Fox news that far above their own country—and their own well-being?
I seriously have doubts that we can rise above this any time soon—unless some strong left-leaning leader comes forward and is able to convince the country they've been hog-washed. Even that would only happen after we've suffered through some serious crap: depression, war—or even something painful but lighter like sanctions.
May the God(s) help us get through the next decade.

Assange dissapeared after we were treated with a disgusting serving of Trump as president...

Now he's reappearing daring our Democratic President to present evidence of Russian involvement in the elections.
Fuck off you god damned fucking sell-your-own-soul loser.
These bastards are playing on the Fox News stupidity, and laughing as they watch U.S. citizens eat it all up.

If I go running across town, stop at a bridge, bend over the rail and call out for Clarence...

Will I look up to find it's snowing, there is no "Pottersville," and that we actually have a President-elect Clinton?
Who would have ever known that It's a Wonderful Life was a sci-fi movie.

Well, that was a short fad: Pokeman Go(ne)


Pokemon Go: Exercise impact 'short-lived'

As cynics derided the popularity of Pokemon Go a few months ago, some tried to seek out the positives.

Sure, hundreds of millions of players were wandering around, eyes glued to smartphones, putting their energies into "catching" imaginary creatures in the augmented reality game.


I'd forgotten all about this. I recall the media saying it was going to make a huge impact at the holidays.
I guess it could make a resurgence. But I no longer see people walking around aimlessly, while looking at their phone—like I did during the short-lived craze.

I believe that Trumps action of ignoring intelligence reports

is a set up for something big and dangerous to happen on American soil—before the next elections in 2018.

This would be for the sole purpose of making Trump a popular leader.

I recall it vividly after 911: Bush's popularity soared. Friends of mine who hated the guy said, "We must stand in unity now."
My feeling is that THIS time they'll go for some place like California. In California, we have a Democratic Super Majority, and a Democratic Governor. And I would guess the right wing HATE having to fight this every election cycle.

Sorry to post dumb guess work, but there is some scary, careless crud that Trump is doing. And sometimes you just need to scream about it.

When I was young there was one thing I believed about the GOP and the rich...

They wanted to take our society back to the industrial age. A time when young children were working on production lines, when there was no overtime, no insurance, no family leave, when when workers "owed their soul to the company store."

I seriously feared those times would return one day. But as I got older, I began to see how the balance of our government seemed to be preventing that.

But now the GOP has implemented a well-oiled formula of lying, cheating, using foreign governments, voter suppression, stepping all over our constitution, etc, and I am once again certain their goal is to take our country back 100 years.

I hope those who voted Republican in 2016, and don't have millions at their disposal, come to realize that the GOP is NOT looking out for their best interest.
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