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C Moon

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Gender: Male
Member since: Sat Jun 21, 2014, 02:30 AM
Number of posts: 8,645

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I've always admired Charles Dickens' ability to shed light on the greed and callousness of people.

Tonight, as I watched A Christmas Carol, it made me realize how humans have been able to make so much progress in areas like science, medicine, etc; but the one area that has not progressed over thousands of years (even with religions and artists preaching about it), is selfishness, greed and gluttony.

We need to create special schools for these rich, gluttonous fuckers, so they can be taught humility.
Gluttony is an ugly word that fits them so well.

Even my conservative brother-in-law was ragging on Trumpty on Christmas eve.

Even though, I'm much more than certain that he voted for Trumpty.

He's no president...

He's an attention seeking bad tv actor.
What kind of President of ANY country sends out Tweets to the public to announce their intentions?
The freak is a complete failure—and a criminal.



We often wonder about Trump's communication with Putin on a consistent basis...

But I wonder how often some of the traitor GOP members of the house and senate are in contact with Russia.
This whole trick wanting to make the FBI look bad, reeks of Russia.

Along with the attacks on Mueller, the GOPutin will next work on convincing America

that net neutrality is a bad thing. Once it begins, I'd bet that 83% disapproval, will drop to 53%.
I just hope Mueller can get his case made before the "nazis" in the WH and houses, take him down.

Moore "whine" please.

or beer.

I was negative today and tonight even through all the positive projections...

...because of the wounds from the last election.
But I haven't felt this good since Obama won his second term.
Huge smile on face!
Congrats to EVERYONE who helped Jones secure this win!!!

Merry Christmas?

It sure feels like the Democratic Party is trying to keep the U.S. constitution alive.

So many of these GOP politicians appear to be traitors who accept big gifts and donations from Russia—and are okay with winning an election at any cost.
Pretty effin' scary.
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