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C Moon

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Gender: Male
Member since: Sat Jun 21, 2014, 02:30 AM
Number of posts: 8,645

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RIP Overend Watts of Mott the Hoople.

Just heard.

Pouring rain for 5 hours today in Los Angeles South Bay area

I went out not knowing how bad it was. I didn't stay out long after I saw streets close to a foot deep in water (in some areas); and the police SUVs were just parked on the sides of the roads (I guess instead of trying to wade through it, and wait for the next call).
Craziness. Haven't had rain like this in 20 years.
I hear it finally slowing now.

I can be corny and (as someone here once said) overly dramatic...

but this is from the heart (okay, that sounded dramatic):
I am so glad DU has been here for me during this coup of our government.
In past elections (which weren't even CLOSE to how horrible this one was), it was hell: I would divert my eyes from newsstands, leave rooms when the tv news was on, and pick and choose my websites very carefully.
But since I found DU, I have a place to fall back on.
Rock on DU! And boy did I miss you election night—fuck!

I actually would watch the inauguration: I just don't get the "Chiller" cable channel.

I think the "health care for all" bit for Trump is working...

Some of the people on my FB friends list, who have been quiet for some time, are now coming back with how horrible ACA is.
They aren't saying directly that Trump will create something better, but they are back to jumping on how horrible ACA is.
And this comment was coming from someone who is on ACA (with others adding to the insanity). I know ACA has problems with forcing some folks to buy insurance at very high rates. But I don't think they realize what is in store for them in a Republican world.
These Trump folks /and the semi-Trump folks are still hanging on this lunatic's words—they still believe and trust him.

Why have all the "golden shower" discussions ceased?

Was it found to be bogus?

Union neighbor shocked me with Trump approval.

I have a neighbor. He's a retired union guy—union through and through, and very proud of his affiliation.
I hang out at his parties and have a few beers from time to time. I don't know him real well, just a friendly neighbor relationship.
We were talking about how corporations /companies buy out other companies and do massive layoffs, and we got around to how the unions have been dwindling over the years.
I brought up that the Reagan years was when it all started. He agreed.
I then brought up Trump and I made a snide comment about the freak (Trump). My neighbor grabbed his empty can of beer and headed back to get another and said, "I kinda wanna see what he will be able do for the country."

I was dumbfounded. I'm thinking maybe it was peer-pressure from some neighbor friends—that he sees more often than me. He "parties" a lot, and we have a lot of tea bag types around the complex.

Why are so many people blinded by Trump's idiocy? I'm thinking tv has created a dumbed-down America. I never watched any shows Trump was on (I guess I saw him in Home Alone). I was never a big reality tv fan. But I'm thinking that's part of what's going on here...why otherwise rational people are so forgiving of someone who should, in my opinion, be in prison.

When I used to watch old black and white movies, I would think: Wow. The old days...

when they used typewriters, landline telephones and carbon paper.

Now when I watch old black and white movies, I think: Wow. The old days, when elected officials respected and maybe even feared the power of the U.S. constitution.
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