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C Moon

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Gender: Male
Member since: Sat Jun 21, 2014, 02:30 AM
Number of posts: 8,645

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I keep seeing posts saying, "the other shoe dropped"...

But all we're left with is the smell of stinky socks.
Why can't the U.S.A. get it's shit together and get rid of this bastard?!
It's the ultimate crime: stealing the U.S. Presidency for chrissakes! Are the other branches seriously that weak?

Just deleted another FaceBook "digital friend"

She posted (in so many words):
Trump's speech tonight was an olive branch, and I'm willing to put my dislike for him behind me.
He is our President and we should give him a chance.

My knee jerk reaction was to lecture her—partly because her cover photo shows her standing on a beautiful rock surrounded by gorgeous land, and the other one is a photo of tall green pine trees. But instead, I just walked away and deleted her.

Some people forget soooooooooooooooo easily. So easily, that it's scary for the U.S.A.

the Oscars flub will be HEADLINE news tomorrow.

So it's a ripe time for McConnell, Ryan, Trump and Putin to do some nasty work.

Isolation (John Lennon, 1970).

People say we got it made.
Don't they know we're so afraid?

We're afraid to be alone,
everybody got to have a home.

Just a boy and a little girl,
trying to change the whole wide world.

The world is just a little town,
everybody trying to put us down.

I don't expect you to understand,
after you've caused so much pain.
But then again, you're not to blame.
You're just a human, a victim of the insane.

We're afraid of everyone,
Afraid of the sun.

The sun will never disappear,
but the world may not have many years.

There's a young man who works at a convenience store near me.

He's from India, and wears a bright orange turban because he's Muslim. He told me one time that he often has to point out to people customers that he does not support terrorism.
He works 12 hour days, 7 days per week. He's always smiling and laughing; knows the regular customers; chats and jokes around.
He's a VERY uplifting personality.
I asked him last month what his plans were. He said he wanted to go to college and become a police officer. A few months prior, he told me that the police in Los Angeles (that he's met) are very nice and respectful—unlike the police in India where they are mean, lawless and want to be bribed.

Tonight, as I walked into the store, and there was an Hispanic man standing near the door with a dolly and he was in what looked like a long serious conversation with the young man I described above. The Hispanic man was delivering sodas, etc.
I walked by him, grabbed a few items and went to the counter.
The Indian man told to the delivery guy, "He's okay." Because they hushed down when I approached the counter.
I looked at him and asked what was up.
He told me he was very worried about the current events, and that he may be deported or someone may become violent toward him.
It was very sad to hear from such a jovial young man.
As I was leaving, I heard the delivery man say, "You can stay at my house if you need to."
I drove off and went over to get gas across the street 5 minutes later. I looked over and they were still talking in the store.

(sorry for any errors above: embarrassingly, I'm not too familiar with the religions, head wear, etc).


The 2nd season has been terrific. To me, it hit a few slow spots in the first season, but it is taking off again.
The Ronald Reagan "Library" episode was great!
If you haven't seen it, and you enjoy weird character humor, it's a must!

Something kind of hit me today.

The GOP did not believe Ronald Reagan. Maybe there were a few "misguided" senators and congresspersons on the right that believed the Reagan BS;
But in the past month, watching McConnell, Ryan, and other GOPutins scrambling around attempting to hide Russia's involvement in our last Presidential election (putting themselves, their power and greed before the best for the U.S.), they have finally made it obvious that Ronald Reagan was nothing more than the figure-head tool we all thought he was.
We are now seeing the TRUE GOP.

Of course I don't know if our country will make it out of this horrible Trump era...

but there is one thing that I fear is happening:
There's a new creepified generation of politicians being formed. After seeing what Trump accomplished, there are some evil types standing in the shadows, taking notes, and waiting to repeat this mess, over and over.

Each morning, I come to DU,

hoping to find out that our government has finally defended itself.

This is so messed up: Trump didn't win.

The election was a fraud.
Clinton should be President.
Yet the congress, senate, FBI, CIA won't do anything about it—even though we all know the truth.
Our country had a weak link, and Putin found it.
I think he found it by watching the GOP steal the 2000 and 2004 elections. I'm sure it goes deeper than that.
But to me the simple fact is: Trump was not elected—and the house and senate races were fucked with, as well.

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