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C Moon

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Gender: Male
Member since: Sat Jun 21, 2014, 02:30 AM
Number of posts: 8,653

Journal Archives

Lawmakers: Did Manafort promise White House job to banker in return for loan?

Source: NBC News

Two members of Congress are asking the Pentagon to turn over any documents that could shed light on whether former Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort promised a Chicago banker an administration job in return for $16 million in real-estate loans.

The letter from Democratic Reps. Stephen Lynch and Elijah Cummings on House Oversight Committee letterhead comes a week after NBC News reported that special counsel Robert Mueller is investigating a potential quid pro quo.

The lawmakers cited NBC's report in their request, along with a Wall Street Journal report that the banker, former Trump campaign adviser Stephen Calk, hoped to be named secretary of the Army.

Lynch and Cummings called the reports "extremely troubling."

Read more: https://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/lawmakers-did-manafort-promise-white-house-job-banker-return-loan-n852096

Feinstein attacks (long time California senator).

It appears the TrumPutin parade has decided to take its' next attack on Feinstein and California.
I'm seeing a lot of spam attacks on Feinstein and other California Democratic politicians here and elsewhere.
Be sure to stand behind the Democratic party, and not let these GOP/Russian bots and trolls decide on who our Democratic leaders should be.
Think for yourself, don't be swayed by some jargon put out by some slimy GOP think tank.

(graphic doll warning) Ex-Disney sculptor crowdfunds mass production of a naked Trump troll doll


Drone photos (and videos too, I guess. I didn't see video, though)...

A good way to waste some unneeded hours...

Message from my doctor regarding x-rays...

"...showed no siginificant findings."
Aside from the typing error: Woo hoo!!!
I won't bore DU with the details, but what a frigging relief!

I wonder how many cooks, waiters/waitresses have spit in Trump's food

over the years.
This latest tip thing is so fucking ridiculous. Why on earth would the president of the U.S. focus on waiters/waitresses tips?
Something probably happened: like he found out one of his enemies' wives is a waitress or something.


On Super Bowl Sunday, I posed the question, now that NFL season is over

what will Trump and his sycophants plan to replace the "not standing for the national anthem."
Here it is. He wants a parade. Those who don't want it, will be considered anti-U.S. vets.

This is how he plans to run the WH.

More football talk...did you catch how Brady snubbed Foles after his Super Bowl win?

The tradition is to congratulate the winning QB on your way off the field; but Brady just walked off the field after his loss.
I liked Brady in his early years, but he certainly became a spoiled child...much like some of his "friends."
Congrats to Foles and the Eagles tonight.

They've been working so hard to find themselves another Reagan...

but all they could come up with was another Nixon.
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