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C Moon

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Gender: Male
Member since: Sat Jun 21, 2014, 02:30 AM
Number of posts: 8,645

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Putin must REALLY be focusing on this Wolf tidbit...

because WOW the trolls have been digging their slimy heals into this topic.
As if it offers ANY importance—at all!

California City Threatens to Use Eminent Domain to Stop Bank Foreclosures (2013)

This is fantastic! It's from 2013, but I love how they took on the banks by shoving those low appraisals right back in their faces.

California City Threatens to Use Eminent Domain to Stop Bank Foreclosures

A town in California is making headlines on how it is tackling its foreclosure crisis. In Richmond, almost half of the city’s residential mortgage holders are underwater. In a major development last week, Richmond became the first city in the country to offer to purchase mortgages of distressed homeowners from Wall Street banks and other lenders. Under a plan approved by the city council in April, the city can also use its eminent domain authority to purchase loans in order modify them and allow families to avoid foreclosure and stay in their homes. “The banks sold our community predatory loans, and now they have no solution they’re presenting for this crisis,” says Richmond Mayor Gayle McLaughlin. “We are stepping in by taking these troubled loans off the hands of the banks, and we’re paying them fair market value for these loans. And then we’re working with the homeowners to refinance and modify loans in line with current home values. We call on the banks to voluntarily sell us these loans, and if they don’t cooperate, we will be considering eminent domain.”


I can't believe some idiot actually posted on FaceBook, regarding Trump...

"He's starting word peace."
Trumpettes don't even give a fuck about world peace—let alone, the TrumPutinGOP train—but when it's spoon fed to them, they are suddenly concerned and interested.
What a hollow waste of skull.

No president...only mister.

I was watching the news tonight; it was a network station, I think CBS?—not sure though.
There was a segment about one of the many Trump scandals we all have on our plates, and NOT ONCE did the newscaster say "president" before that name.
It was always mister.
I loved it!

Toronto van muder suspect in custody.

If this guy had done this to a police officer in the U.S., he would have been shot 20,000 times.
I can't get over how the officer didn't open fire. Maybe he could tell it wasn't a gun?

That link has changed...here's a different view

The first link showed the suspect pointing something at the police officer, then putting it behind his back, then pulling it out real quick and pointing again. But that link is gone.

We just had a good sized shaker here in So Cal.

I was working at my desk at home, and I heard a window or something click, and felt a slight sway (like a dizzy spell).
Thought nothing of it, then about 10 seconds later, WHAM.
I just stocked up on water last month, so I feel better about that.
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