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C Moon

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Gender: Male
Member since: Sat Jun 21, 2014, 02:30 AM
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Looters: if Trump, McConnell, Barr, etc were living less lavish lives...

and a natural disaster hit their town, they would be the ones looting the stores and homes.

Wearing a mask.

In the U.S., we're being told wearing a mask in public is not necessary unless your sick.

A couple months ago, I heard a professional say wearing a mask when you're healthy is not a good idea because you'd be touching your face more (to adjust it, etc). So, I've only been wearing gloves at the grocery store, pumping gas, etc.

But lately I've been hearing that wearing a mask in public is a good idea, and in fact will probably be recommended in the U.S. soon (I'm guessing when the medical community has sufficient supply).

Last night, I was reading about the 1918 pandemic in Los Angeles. Wearing a mask became a law: if you were outside without a mask, you stood the chance of being fined or arrested.

I realize we're in short supply of masks right now (for the medical field) so telling the public to wear a mask would create more of a supply issue, but if wearing a mask helps contain the virus, we should at least be aware of the dangers of not wearing a mask—perhaps this would keep more people from having parties, gathering in groups, and being 100% sure to practice physical distancing.


This is probably old, but I saw it for the first time today.

I was searching for some information on Coronavius, and here's what Trump has done.

I was curious what the onset symptoms for the virus are, so I did a Google search.

The first three or so links that showed up on Google were by the CDC.
My knee jerk reaction was to move past the CDC links, and find something more reputable.

I've lost faith in our government, because Trump has lied to us on camera, weakened our resources and filled positions with sycophants.

It's amazing that something as small as a germ can bring nations of people to their knees;

And yet, is unable to stop a Republican's greed.

The COVID-19 is NOT the end of Trump and the GOP.

We need to win—and win BIG—in November.
We have months to go.
The end of Trump and the GOP and Putin will come in November when we vote them OUT.

Keep up the fight against the GOP traitors!
Trump was impeached, and now it's time to throw him out on his ass.

I just got back from buying some food supplies at the grocery store. Just in case.

It was crazier than the day before Thanksgiving. I would liken it to the old mall days (before online sales) on the day before Christmas.

When I got there, parking was a little tight, but when I left it looked like a baseball game parking lot.

Every aisle had a dozen shoppers. Food on the floor here and there. But one thing I noticed, nearly everyone was polite to each other. Moving out of the way for others, apologizing for being in the way. I helped a lady grabbed some cans that were too high for her to reach.

No toilet paper, paper towels, dried beans or rice, though. Pretty much everything else was there—even cough suppressant, and hand soap.

As I was shopping, over time, the aisles began to get tighter and tighter with shoppers: as if a tsunami of people was slowly moving in. I decided to check out before the lines went out the door.

The check out lines were already up to 20 people long (depending on which register you chose). Again, everyone was very polite to each other. It was quite a nice thing to see.

CNN's Begala: Trump Will 'Dump Pence' for Haley on Day of Democratic Nominee's Acceptance Speech

After he does this, those MAGAts are going to be so confused.
"Oh yeah! We hate Pence now!"
Pence was the only person who would accept the VP job in 2016. Ha ha! Now there's a rumor he's dumping the guy!


I believe he will. It sounds so Trump to do that.
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