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C Moon

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Gender: Male
Member since: Sat Jun 21, 2014, 02:30 AM
Number of posts: 8,653

Journal Archives

October has begun. And the GOP nazis are out to make sure Trump steals the election.

Is that is their October surprise: trying to suppress our votes using governors?

Attorney George Conway reveals two 'great' questions -- that Trump can't answer

Source: Raw Story

Prominent Republican attorney and Lincoln Project member George Conway on Monday offered his analysis of how reporters should question President Donald Trump.

Conway, the husband of White House counselor Kellyanne Conway, made his comments after watching video of Trump refusing to criticize Russian President Vladimir Putin.

“Who do you think poisoned Alexei Navalny in Russia?”

Read more: https://www.rawstory.com/2020/09/attorney-george-conway-reveals-two-great-questions-that-trump-cant-answer/

So where are all the "upstanding" Republicans while Trump tries to "dictate" our next election?

And McConnell helps with the destruction of our U.S. constitution.

I'm certainly not hearing from Bush;
not hearing from Condoleezza Rice;
not hearing from Colin Powell;
not hearing from John Boehner;
not hearing from Dick Cheney...well...
not hearing from...

I guess what it comes to, is that the GOP is—and has been since at least 2000—a band of criminals and traitors to their own country, willing to sell it to the highest bidder: Putin.

How else are we supposed to look at this?

I just hope that the list above (along with hosts of others), suffer financially if Trump, McConnell and Putin get what they want (which will probably entail WWIII, as well).

FaceBook "jail."

I've been on FB for 12 years.
I didn't see the phrase FB jail from friends until Trump came on the scene.

I see many of my friends going to FB jail in the past couple of months, and they are ALL anti-Trump people.

I reported obviously fake FaceBook accounts that were touting trump crap (they'd only been around for a few days)—they had profile pictures of actors/actresses. And FB wrote back that they found nothing wrong with the accounts...move along.

Zuckerberg is a traitor to his own country.

West coast fires.

A few years ago, during Turnip's reign, of course...it crossed my mind that during a heavy fire season, the extreme right would use the vulnerability of the west coast's fire season to bring down the left-leaning power that has been building over the years.

Right now, I'm sure many of you know, fires are at an extreme peak on the west coast—and some states inland. I can't help but wonder how many of these fires were the result of MAGA types—or even terrorist arsonists. I know some were caused by lightning strikes, others were morons who just didn't think before striking a match, or use of other fire-related device, but there are so many fucking fires, I have no doubt some of these are MAGA bonehead puppet related.

Considering what Trump and his evil henchmen have been doing to throw this election, these fires are way too crazy right now to simply say it's mother nature.

...if I'm not mistaken (someone with more historic knowledge can correct me), Japan looked into brush fires in California in the early years of WWII.

Ballot box drop off containers put in place. Los Angeles (Twitter link)


Bless them for doing that work in this heat (terrible heat all across California this weekend).

Putin is NOT going to be happy with Trump's military blunder...

don't be drinking any tea when you visit Putin in November, Trump.
Actually, never mind. Have a nice trip.
Actually, never mind...good-bye!
Actually, never mind...bye.

If they only knew...

I don't get why these old men are so focused on the rich running the world (Trump, McConnell, etc)

Most of them will live no more than 5-10 years.
WTF? You can't take it with you!
I seriously doubt, as callous as they are, that they really give a frock about their children and grand children that much.

It's almost like it's just a way to entertain their demented brains: a chess game.

Trump's religious campaign

I was in a car I wasn't familiar with today, and turned on the radio.
I switched stations a couple of times and ended up hearing Trump's voice (AM radio).
It was a Christian radio station, and he was thanking the station for it's honesty and truth.

The announcer was thanking him back.

I've been noticing Trump attacking Biden for his religion.
Trump lied and said the Democratic Party removed "god" from the pledge of allegiance.
There were other things, too, that I can't recall right now.

But just now (after I got back from driving and hearing his lying voice on the radio), I noticed religious protest posts (saying things like protect our children) all over FB.

It's so unbelievable that these religious idiots think of Trump as anything but a slimy, lying, immoral, hate-filled piece of crap dying at the bottom of the ocean.

Anyway, he's going to rein in the religious right—and probably other "Christians," as well.
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